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Race replay in the OP now. Feel free to use this thread for discussion of the race.

Provisional results will be up in the next few hours.

So good race and i screwed it by myself, hitting the barrier 20 laps to home or so.. I'm going to my headbang room to make another hole in the wall.
Good race guys. I don't think we (me, and as a team) could have discussed pit strategy anymore than what we did. 3/4 of the race was just about whether to pit or not...

Overall, good race, surprised with some cautions not being called (only like 1 or 2 I saw that were not called, no biggy). Other than that, pretty clean racing, besides some hard battling for the top spot. That hard battling though is expected with a big event like this, and luckily no one got the short end of the stick because of it.

FYI: Kevin Burns (CoRe driver) was unable to make it to the race due to work. We told him we were going to do a 1-2-3 just for him, and we pulled it off... so that's for you Kevin!

Thanks drivers/NDR guys, made it alot of fun, hopefully I'll still be around for next year's.
Great racing guys, I'm more than happy with 4th place.
Had one incident there and had to pit after this, also was battling there and got suspension damage a bit what made car slide like hell in T3.
Second pit stop from there but still managed to catch up with the guys with cautions.
Teedot's and Kenneth's last lap fight was crazy to watch as being behind them and they both went wide there and squeezed myself through there on last lap to 4th.

Thank you NDR for this race and see you next year.
Quote from Kristjan.J :
Had one incident there and had to pit after this, also was battling there and got suspension damage a bit what made car slide like hell in T3.

that explained why you got so out of shape when you spun me out (not blaming u for anything just a racing incident). Oh well, I'm pleased with today although i wasnt happy with the DNF I have to be please with the race

It was nice racing at the front of the pack for once
Thank you Deko and NDR for this event it was something very special for me. I have to admit I was very lucky I've finnished 9th. Now I'm looking forward the stream capture, people say that it was the best so far. I hope it comes out soon
Well, that was certainly a tough race for me. As the pace laps got under way, my wheel started going crazy whenever I turned right - it became extremely sensitive (if you watch on board with me just in the start of the pace laps, you'll see what I mean). This meant that I couldn't push that hard as if I had to make a correction I'd spin, and if I were to try and race people side by side if I had to try and give them more space on the inside then I would end up spinning. The number of times I hit the wall going to the outside to get out of the way of a faster car was..... alot. Oh well, wasn't like I would have been anywhere even remotely near the front anyway

I'm just very happy to have had the chance to race and been able to finish Was some good racing out there, as the broadcast replay showed me

See you all next year I guess
#35 - CSF
Michael stole some of my lines from Qualifying I see.

Some what on earth moments at the start I see, car 50... ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...
Oh yes, guys, sorry for the SC failure towards the end of the race [there was no SC driver in server]; my LFS had frozen, timing me out of the server, and when I tried to re-connect I got "Host could not be found on master server", even when I was watching the race on the stream

And joe was dead. Or something
I timed out, and then my interwebs refused to reconnect for ~10 laps
And I was flipping a shite.



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