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Leo Bodnar's Shift Light Controller SLI-Pro
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Leo Bodnar's Shift Light Controller SLI-Pro
Seems a bit overpriced for information that's already on your screen.

But I guess for the hardcore Shift+F'r it might be worth it.

Also this seems like a better deal, but lap times aren't viewable =(
thats expensive
I´ve recently bought the sli-pro but it´s still on mailing process. I will tell you if it´s worth or not that price when it arrives, 2 weeks or so it´s says in the web.
It is possible to build one in your own. But you need some software and i guess sli-pro owner will not give you .hex code I guess it is based on atmega chip. Wielding that small pin`s to pcb requires experience in wielding. On the other side doing it at your own will cost you nearly the same price , especially when you don`t have special tools for it
It´s awesome, and it´s worth the price for nearly 100€. The unique exception is that you need to connect some buttons, encoders or switches if you want to change the info of the digital panel, although you can change the functions whith presets in windows task bar. And of course you need to build some box to keep it away from dust. But it is cool when you see the fuel blinking warning indicator, the limiter feedback, tc feedback, the fuel remaining in numbers, the brightness changeable of nearly everything. The lenght of it is a little small, like from G25 wheel, from the red right button of the wheel to the left red button of the wheel.
#7 - KIMA
Hi all, help me please, I bought myself the SLI-M, and I have it not work, not in the LFS, rFactor not in the iRacing. Tell a priority for all must be done, can not do that?

Leo Bodnar's Shift Light Controller SLI-Pro
(7 posts, started )