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Round 7: Confirmations
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Round 7: Confirmations
All Teams:

Please confirm your attendance and driver rosters here for the Seventh and FINAL Round of the 2011 GTAL season, which is to be held on 2ndApril 2011, from Blackwood Grand Prix (BL1).

To confirm your attendance:

Please reply in this thread with the following, copying the below text in the code tags:

LFSWorld Name, Driver Name: First Name Last Name, Country (Fully spelled out, exception is USA)

[insert number here] Team name;First name 1 Last name 1, First name 2 Last name 2

Your post should look like the following example, without any code or quote tags:

teamName: New Dimension Racing
number: 00
car: FXR
dekojester, Jonathan Palmer, USA
JO53PHS, Joseph Ellis, England
TFalke55, Thilo Falkenberg, Germany

00 New Dimension Racing;Jonathan Palmer, Joseph Ellis, Thilo Falkenberg

NOTE: UTF-8 Characters ARE allowed.
NOTE: The confirmation post has a NEW format

NOTE: The new part of the confirmation:

- The space for team name is 25 characters long. No team in GTAL currently have a longer name than 23 characters. But still, don't overuse the space.
- The driver names do not need to include reserve drivers. To be honest it does not matter what names you put there. These names don't go into the tracker so they make no difference to the race result. They don't necessarily have to be up to date. Also don't update these names after the deadline: Changes made to the new line in the confirmation post after the deadline are simply ignored.
- If you fail to add this new line the broadcast team reserves the right to make this info up.

You must confirm attendance for this round before 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, March 30th, 2011. We also require that you do not repost your lineup to edit it, we ask that you edit your OP and point us to it with a reply with an update.

Teams That Have Confirmed (25/28)

03 Sonicrealms Racing
05 Deadline Racing
06 RAPTOR-Racing
07 GraVt Racing Team
08 CoRe Racing
09 Serbian Chromed Pistons
10 Tiger Express Motorsports
11 ZION Team
12 Great White North Racing
13 The Danish Racing Team
18 Auto Motive Godz
21 DRUNK Team
22 Gentles on Circuit
23 Genuine Racing
24 Just Driving
25 mpower Team
26 Smoking Team
27 Team Identity
31 Deep Drive Racing
32 Speed Corner
33 Team Vires
35 Revolutionary Racing
37 Ginger Racing
38 French Street Racers Team
39 Fast Animals

Teams That Have Confirmed Late/Missed Confirmations(1)

14 Independent Racing Mates - Withdrawn from Round
teamName: Serbian Chromed Pistons
number: 09
car: FZR
ivantod, Ivan Todorović, Serbia
sandzama, Dragan Brestovac, Serbia
ha zmaju, Dejan Jovanović, Serbia

09 Serbian Chromed Pistons;Ivan Todorović, Dragan Brestovac, Dejan Jovanović
teamName: RAPTOR-Racing
number: 06
car: FZR
AleX493, Alexander Falkenhain, Germany
m4sterg, Dennis Schmitt, Germany
JayPee, Jens Wand, Germany

06 RAPTOR-Racing;Alexander Falkenhain, Dennis Schmitt, Jens Wand
teamName: Deadline Racing
number: 05
car: FZR
iFastLt, Aidas Staškevičius, Lithuanina
Mizteriz, Jonas Bakšys, Lithuanina
MuderGO[LT], Modestas Runas, Lithuania
R_Domas, Domas Raižys, Lithuania

05 Deadline Racing;Aidas Staškevičius, Jonas Bakšys, Modestas Runas, Domas Raižys
teamName: Fast Animals
number: 39
car: FZR
promo_ltu, Laurynas Matonis, Lithuania
jurisltu, Skrajūns Drambliox, Lithuania
derbis1990, Giedrius Orla, Lithuania
timo1992, Timo Hofer, Germany
silverfang, Joel Villa, Finland

39 Fast Animals;Laurynas Matonis, Juris Marcinkevicius, Giedrius Orla, Timo Hofer, Joel Villa.

e-mail regarding Mr.Villa was sent out yesterday.
#6 - Cawwa
teamName: Independent Racing Mates
number: 14

teamName: Deep Drive Racing
number: 31
car: FXR
redtifosi, Tamer Yapar, Turkey
vxdulf, Turhan Celebi, Turkey
treearms, Ertan Derinay, Turkey
turkishcan, Cem Dalda, Turkey
tunci, Tuncay Ucar, Turkey
lombardi, Vince Lombardi, Turkey

31 Deep Drive Racing;Tamer Yapar, Turhan Celebi, Ertan Derinay, Cem Dalda, Tuncay Ucar, Vince Lombardi
teamName: Great White North Racing
number: 12
car: XRR
MindCrime, Michael Craven, Canada
raceme75, Kevan Bennett, Canada
glenh, Glen Heinrich, Canada
JayEyeBee, Jonathan Bjornson, Canada

12 Great White North Racing;Michael Craven, Kevan Bennett, Glen Heinrich, Jonathan Bjornson
teamName: Just Driving
number: 24
car: FZR
koa128, Pablo Navarrete, Argentina
Under!, Gustavo Marain, Argentina
djedo, Edgardo Leyton, Argentina

24 Just Driving;Pablo Navarrete, Gustavo Marain, Edgardo Leyton
teamName: Auto Motive Godz
number: 18
car: FXR
5ini5t3r, Kevin Cullen, England
Tur8o, Ryan Cullen, England
reflex1, Les White, England
nairnmonster, Stephen McLeod, Scotland
ryan rox4, Ryan Copland, Australia

18 Auto Motive Godz;Kevin Cullen, Ryan Cullen, Les White, Stephen McLeod, Ryan Copland
teamName: mpower team
number: 25
car: XRR
bavorak, Juraj Kuliska, Slovakia
JackCY, Jaroslav Cerny, Czech republic
Lala_CZ, Jiri Lalinsky, Czech republic
Radek44, Radek Müller, Czech republic

25 mpower team;Juraj Kuliska, Jaroslav Cerny, Jiri Lalinsky, Radek Müller
teamName: Ginger Racing
number: 37
car: XRR
IsaacPrice, Isaac Price, Wales
torpp1s, Joni Törmälä, Finland
Deutschland2007, Dominik Engel, Germany

37 Ginger Racing; Isaac Price, Joni Törmälä, Dominik Engel
teamName: Gentles on circuit
number: 22
car: FXR
Iginla, Jesse Telkkälä, Finland
DarknessPainF1, Joonas Koskinen, Finland
zippytheone, Tom Parker, United Kingdom

22 Gentles on circuit; Jesse Telkkälä, Joonas Koskinen, Tom Parker, Miro Rauti
teamName: Team Vires
car: FZR
xtraction, Sean Williams, England
RenvoN, Lucas Araújo, Brazil
Hahmo, Miro Rauti, Finland

33 Team Vires;Sean Williams, Lucas Araújo, Miro Rauti
(Hahmo) DELETED by dekojester : you can PM / email the team to have them remove you, don't clutter this thread with it please
teamName: Sonicrealms Racing
number: 03
car: XRR
Joku123, Sampsa Jurvansuu, Finland
reigga, Mikko Meriluoto, Finland
ennD, Arturs Jonaitis, Latvia
gav190, Gavin Mason, Wales
oscarhardwick, Oscar Hardwick, England

03 Sonicrealms Racing; Sampsa Jurvansuu, Mikko Meriluoto, Arturs Jonaitis, Gavin Mason, Oscar Hardwick
#02 7Karat will not be driving the last round
Quote from Iginla :teamName: Gentles on circuit
number: 22
car: FXR
Iginla, Jesse Telkkälä, Finland
DarknessPainF1, Joonas Koskinen, Finland
zippytheone, Tom Parker, United Kingdom

22 Gentles on circuit; Jesse Telkkälä, Joonas Koskinen, Tom Parker

teamName: GraVt Racing Team
number: 07
car: FXR
Fege, Fredrik Gehammar, Sweden
Bungo, Niklas Bjorklund, Sweden
martinson, Mattias Martinson, Sweden
Turbofreak, Magnus Björndal, Sweden

07 GraVt Racing Team;Fredrik Gehammar, Niklas Bjorklund, Mattias Martinson, Magnus Björndal

mail with roster update sent 24/3
teamName: Revolutionary Racing
number: 35
car: FZR
nathan246, Nathan Lamothe, Canada
Senninha25, Rui Pinto, Portugal
mustangman759, Matt Kings, USA
przemek21061995, Przemek Wdowiarz, Poland
sopa, Markus Saukkoriipi, Finland
Arox123, Jarl Teien, Norway
Emyn, Valtteri Pitkänen, Finland

35 Revolutionary Racing;Nathan Lamothe, Rui Pinto, Matt Kings, Markus Saukkoriipi, Przemek Wdowiarz, Jarl Teien, Valtteri Pitkänen,

more to be added etc (also note car type change)
teamName: DRUNK Team
number: 21
car: FZR
suzuki94, Mathias Wentjärvi, Finland
_coca-cola_, Sami Anttonen, Finland
MonkeyHead, Axel Falck, Finland
MARUS, Marek Jagiello, Poland

21 DRUNK Team;Mathias Wentjärvi, Sami Anttonen, Axel Falck, Marek Jagiello

Can you add marus to our application or should we send an update?
(MonkeyHead) DELETED by MonkeyHead
(CSF) DELETED by boothy : :|
teamName: Tiger Express Motorsports
number: 10
car: FXR
GreyBull [CHA], Yann Laprevotte, France
mannef1, Oskari Rinne, Finland
Swiss-Spirit, David Jundt, Switzerland
Chris Vourliotis, vourliotis, Greece
Liane Solfrank, LianeS, Germany

10 Tiger Express Motorsports;Yann Laprevotte, Oskari Rinne, David Jundt, Chris Vourliotis, Liane Solfrank

Check latest roster update please.
teamName: The Danish Racing Team
number: 13
car: FXR
Deathitself, Keven Harvey, Canada
Mikael92, Mikael Svensson, Sweden
R.Kolz, Rudi Kolz, Denmark
HONDALIIGA, Joni Hagner, Finland

13 The Danish Racing Team;Keven Harvey, Mikael Svensson, Rudi Kolz, Joni Hagner
teamName: Smoking Team
number: 26
car: FXR
miro -fin-, Miro Tuutijärvi, Finland
jkl76, Jukka Lavanni, Finland
stauffenberg, Jani Pauri, Finland
Ostersund, Pasi Lähdeaho, Finland
SA-White, Pasi Ojanen, Finland

26 Smoking Team; Miro Tuutijärvi, Jukka Lavanni, Jani Pauri, Pasi Lähdeaho, Pasi Ojanen
teamName: Genuine Racing
car: FZR
Framaris, François Maris, France
Gener_Al (UK), Alan Stables, England
Drifters Only, Robbin Heijerman, the Netherlands
Bossforce, Mocanu Virgil, Romania

23 Genuine Racing;François Maris, Alan Stables, Robbin Heijerman, Mocanu Virgil
teamName: Team Identity
number: 27
car: XRR
Robendo, Robin Friskopps, Sweden
terga, Alen Terzic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
sbb, Elton Chong, China

27 Team Identity;Robin Friskopps, Alen Terzic, Elton Chong

Round 7: Confirmations
(37 posts, started )