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Team Inferno Info Thread
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Woah, awesome. Congrats Martin, have fun there!
Gratz Martin!
Super job Martin
wo, nice work!
nice work Martin!!!

DP: Tanko is an alien :/
Vilnius Calling

Laurynas Matonis reaching for the infernal
With the new year, we are proud to welcome another new driver to Team Inferno.

After The New Years Present in 2009 – also known as Mysho, now we are proud to present you Laurynas Matonis, the 17 year old Lithuanian from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Laurynas or also known as Lauris, has proven his suitability in many races in the past. Very active Lauris never feared races in the past and could claim many wins and podium results. We are proud he found his way to our Team and we are glad to extend our Baltic Powers by yet another nation.

Marius Golombeck, Team-Captain: “I am very sure that Lauris is making a great addition, his attitude is just right for having a lot of fun with him, but also he is not frightened of serious preparation and doing his best in every race he is in. Bottoms up for a great time with him!”

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another facepalm, gratz
Lauriz is great and friendly guy. Good luck Lauriz and Inferno.
Gratz and good luck Laurynas
Good luck to Laurynas and all entire Team Inferno team
Gratz Lauris
Gz Laurys! have fun and good luck
good luck in your new adveture Laurys. I´m very proud of you mate
Best of luck brother in the new family
Thanks guys
grats Laura & Team Inferior!

Good choice Laury! and grats to Inferno for recruiting a good boy!!

Good luck to both!
Quote from Fuse5 :grats Laura & Team Inferior!

I take this as an insult and you won't get any more love from us.
you love Leu more than me anyway, u bastid.

orr, Leu
Labas Laurys

Hehehe what a Dog sitter in Team
Good luck my friends from hell
Full circle

Sven Plutta and Sascha Schwer joining Inferno

Just after the latest addition of Laurynas Matonis from Lithuania, we are glad to present you yet another two young drivers.

This time they are from Germany and well known in the scene for their GT2/GT3 Knowledge. Starting with Sven Plutta. The 19 year old Sim-Race fanatic from Bochum (actually the same town than Marius Golombeck comes from, what a coincidence) joined the LFS World in 2008, and has become a fixture not just in the German Community so far, currently doing a very well job in the GTAL.

Speaking of very well executed jobs, this leads us to Sascha Schwer, with over 140'000 Kilometers travelled distance in LFS, also he is no longer considered an Amateur. Together with Sven, he bought LFS in 2008 and since then never looked back. At the moment he is dominating the German GTCC in GT3 Class together with Sven and just like him, he will be starting in the Masters of Endurance, IGTC and GTAL.

We are very glad to welcome these sympathetic lads from Germany and we have now reached the point where our team seems complete. There will be one or another change in the near future but the core of the team is complete now, which means we are for the time beeing closing the doors of Team Inferno. It has not been going all well in the past but this team held together, locating all the errors and fixing them and giving their best shot in all race they have been in so far. From here on. Thanks to the Community for the great support, thanks for all Team Inferno's members, it has been a wonderful 8 years until today. It's business as usual. Cheers!

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Saschaaa o/ i luv you <3

good signings marius!

Team Inferno Info Thread
(85 posts, started )