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[sccc] endro fun
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[sccc] endro fun
Hey guys, inspired by a post on the forums, we at SCCC decided to run some fun enduro races for the community, many of you dont have time to race in leagues, maybe no fast enough, or simply not interested, so this is a great way to have a longish race, utlising the strategy features of S2 (tyrewear, fuel and pitting) without the pressure!

This is currently a work in progress, so we will be working something out, but here are some initial details:

Each week, the community chooses 1 config, and for that week, everyday at the same time and admin comes in, restarts the race (well if there is a race going on already and almost finished, im sure we can wait) and sets up a 10 minute qualify session, followed by a race that is around 1 hour long. Pitstop is compulsory!

Usually what happens is somebody gets so excited about an idea, works hard and then slowly lose interest, so this is why i want to make it as 'maintenance' free as possible for the SCCC team (dont get the impression that we are a lazy bunch, who drink beer and watch TV all day......). So to summarise:

Car: Chosen by the community each week
Track: Chosen by the community each week
Time: 19:00 GMT
Laps: 60 minutes/LFSworld Benchmark times - so total race time is around 1 hour
Pit: yes
Midrace join: No
Slots: 18 drivers
Server: sccc|racing server


The SCCC server will run as usual throughout the day, at around the time of the race, perhaps 10 minutes before, an SCCC admin will come in, and setup the race. At race time, he will then restart the server and a 10 minute qualifying session will begin, followed by a 5 minute break, to get your setups/fuel ready. And then the race itself will follow. We will see if we can organise a SCCC member to be present throughout the race to keep watch, but there will be no guarantees, as we have other duties to fulfill. But i trust that most people who will be reading this post are up for some close racing and not wreckers.

At the end of each race, if you wish you can save a replay, and then send it to my email, and we will be happy to generate race statistics and post it on our SCCC website -

So thats the basic idea, any of you guys have suggestions? Or have a config you are interested in doing, or maybe the most suitable time (due to the server being in Europe, we will obviously be looking for a time that suits europeans). What about 19:00 GMT?

Just to test thing out there will be a race with the uf1000 at as cadet the date will announced in a few days

Here is a setup if u need one for this combo
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If it doesn't clash with the footy, ATC 60 lappers and my moving house, I'll most likely join when the car's one of the ones I enjoy driving for longer periods of time Sounds like a plan, it was tried earlier as well but it never gained enough support. Hopefully this one does!
Hi NotAnIllusion, yes this is almost exactly the same idea as before but it wont be 'everyday' as last time, instead a few set days of the week maybe

any suggestions are welcome!
I'm certainly interested, I have been in the mood doing 1 hour endurance, the ATC grand prix was one of the grand prixs I really enjoyed.

Will we have to sign up?
If my mum allows me...
1 a week might be a bit much for me, but i'm sure to have a go every now and then. i love any race more than an hour long so this sounds like fun
the point is no signup is required, the races are set regularly so you can show up whenever you want and free. The idea is that after a while people kinda just know when that at certain times of the week, they can have a enduro if they are in the mood
Am interested in this, have done long races in F1C leagues but not in LFS.
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I propably won't do the UF1 race, but I'll surely drop by if I see an interesting combination!


[sccc] endro fun
(9 posts, started )