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DnB and related genres
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Brilliant tune! Shame for the quality.
Quote from DevilDare :Brilliant tune! Shame for the quality.

whats wrong with it? Sounds good to me ;P
Really? Are you kidding?

The quality is terrible for such tune.
Not that fresh really. Already listening to it for more than a week. Still, great one!
Yeah was going to say, its been out for almost a month :P

I hate the release with lyrics, seem a lot of Dnb artists are doing this.. It annoys the hell out of me.

Noisia's my world is a good point. The first release had original vocals from Diana Ross was epic, I will always play that version.

Then ofc the offical release comes out with some crap re mastered vocals
Sub Focus is just plowing cash together by first letting a tune out and then recycling and layering vocals on his clownstep, and voila, new tune = more $$$.
His sound has gotten boring, just like the other artist that get signed exclusively to labels and arise to fame. They become lazy and sail in the wake of their original sound.
Good thing I picked that white label up eh bro

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DBRIDGE! :lovies3d:

got some more for you if youre digging the autonomic sound

D-Bridge & Instra:mental - Translucent (one of my absolute favs from them)

D-Bridge - Wonder Where

D-Bridge - Lost Shadow (Dbridge actually gave this one away for free, was supposed to be released on Shogun at first D: )

and something new from me, shameless plug lol

DnB and related genres
(505 posts, started )