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A-SPEC.FunRace EveryWeek
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#1 - ekze
A-SPEC.FunRace EveryWeek
Hello to all S2 Licensed racers!!!
We would like to introduce to you every week races (every Thursday)!
  • Car class - TBO (for FXO 2% intake restriction, +30 kg)
  • Track - random*!!!(selected before the practice start, rally and oval excluded, repeating not possible)
  • Wind - always LOW!!!
  • Warm-up - 17:30 (UTC), will be held for 30 minutes, so everybody who wants to race would not be late to the race start
  • Race - 18:10 (UTC)
  • Two races approx. 25 minutes each, in second race top8 is reversed
  • Server - Apex Cup
A little about track selecting: using application Writer table with list of lfs tracks was created, without ovals or rallycross. It was printed and then cut with scissors to a lot of tracks. Then it was all upside down and mixed, and I randomly pulled out the names of tracks (without looking, of course), which would be used for the first 5 races.

*first five FunRaces will be held on AS3, SO1, AS6, FE4, BL1 - in random order. If the races are popular, we will continue with the rest of the tracks!

To train and get used to the tracks, A-SPEC.RRT Battle Zone #1 server is set up, configured for you to use. There will be this 5 combos. Join and have fun training

Results of the completed events can be found here: spdoracing
#2 - Nurd
We're glad to see as much racers as possible i think.
Looks like interesting racing I think I´ll be there if possible....when is the first race btw? this week already? would be the 25th February then
#5 - Nurd
This week was no race, 25th would be the first one.
I'll be there=)
it's great! Come all! I'll be there)))
#9 - Ygrek
This should be fun, join!
#10 - ekze
Event will be held on A-SPEC.RRT Battle Zone #1 server.
The password will be set before the start of the race, so random people joining would not create unwanted lags. So try to be there at least at the end of practice warm-up (by its results starting grid will be formed).

First race is already tomorrow! 25th February! Starts at 17:30 UTC
I'll be there)))
#12 - ekze
The track will be AS3! 2 races 14 laps!
#13 - ekze
#14 - ekze


Race 1

Race 2

Right click - 'Save as...'
#15 - ekze
Don't forget that you can train on A-SPEC.RRT Battle Zone #1 in any time of week.
All possible configurations of cars and tracks are running on the server, and change every 4 races!
#16 - ekze
If someone forgot - I must remind you that today is Thursday and that today will be the second race.

The track will be known only at 17:30 UTC, but you can come early and practice on our server.

Don't forget that qualify starts at 17:30 UTC, see you there!

Server - A-SPEC.RRT Battle Zone #1
#17 - ekze
The track will be..... SO1, 34 laps
#18 - ekze
Replays and results can be found here
Hope for a reminder next week :P

Was great fun except boring parts when racing alone
#20 - ekze
Don't forget that the next Fun Race is already today! 17:30 UTC! Don't miss it! ^^
#21 - ekze
The track will be FE4 !
Server crashed...i have one if needed.....

Was a nice qual as i made a nice pb.

After server crash there were no one to race with so 10 laps hotlapping session. Second race was a disaster when lag striked on first chicane stopping me immediatelly from 100 km to 0 and damaging me a little. Of course later someone spun me nicely and to finnish the session someone named coca cola decided to use this fun race as a crash on purpose race and crashed into me on lap 2. Sry for harsh words but this kind of stupidity is driving me very maaad.

Check icq and msn ekze.
#23 - ekze
I am very sorry. There was a problem in my system so it's only my fault.
This will not happen again.
The race is postponed till 19.00 UTC.
#24 - Snup wasnt coca cola but it was Cola Coca...

A-SPEC.FunRace EveryWeek
(54 posts, started )