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What is codepage for Thai language?
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What is codepage for Thai language?
I want to start translating LFS to Thai language but I don't know what the codepage is and which I should save; ANSI, Unicode or utf-8.
Please help

Hi. Thanks for your interest in doing a Thai translation. I'm sorry but it is not yet supported by LFS.

If we did support it, it would use the Windows codepage as seen on this Microsoft web page :

But at the moment we do not support Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnam or Thai. In the case of Hebrew and Arabic there is an additional complication, that the writing needs to go from right to left. It looks like Thai does not have this complication so I would just need to implement the Thai codepage and characters into LFS to make it work.

I like to support languages and I find it interesting, but I can't do it until the highest priority things are done. At the moment that is the new tyre physics, VW Scirocco and Rockingham that everyone is waiting for. Maybe you could remind me again after those things are done?
we will remind you
yeah i am not the only thai on LFS
if you do a language traduction can you send to me please

it would be nice if you will implement code 1255 or utf-8 for hebrew support.
right to left is not an issue, as i can just change the order of the translated letters...

please update me if there is a support for the Hebrew fonts...
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What is codepage for Thai language?
(6 posts, started )