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American rallying (X-Games)
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American rallying (X-Games)
What the hell is going on with this stuff.
these people do a superspecial stage a few times in a Subaru thatthey put a monster turbo on. it is the worst thing to happen to rallying sine the horrific death in group b back in the 80's.
the thing i can't understand is these drivers (Travis Pastrama, Dave Mira, and the worst ofender Kne Block) and nothing more than showoffs.
But i think there will be one high point for me in the career, this will be next year when his is reportedly going to enter the WRC, he doesn't stand a hope in hell.
if anyone has anyreason why these people are not the "Plague" of rallying I am more than willing to listen
Why are you getting so worked up about it? Colin McRae did it the year before he died and travis actually beat him because he flipped the car. Its fun to watch, i like watching it, thats all that matters. And they aren't really show off's they can actually drive too. Doesn't mean i think Block would be any good in WRC but why can't he have a go? Stop moaning and don't watch it if you don't like it, simples.
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Its not rallying, its not even trying to be rallying; its the X games.

Although the way the WRC has been going since the end of the 90s is quite depressing.
#4 - garph
I get what you're saying but also not.

Rallying needs a kick in the ass, x-games is not rallying but for some of those guys to go to WRC or some WRC guys to x-games, how freaking awesome would that be.

Just think is Loeb had thought, I wonder how far I can jump this ****er!

Rallying needs some personality, these guy brings it (yes, they tend to be annoying Americans) but at least they have a personality.
Do people really think that's "real" rallying? It's the X-Games, its set up so its run mostly in a stadium to be entertaining for the fans. What's the big deal?

Both Pastrana and Block run real rallies for the USA Subaru Rally team as well. Would they stand a chance in the WRC? Probably not, but just because they compete in the X-Games doesn't mean they don't do the "real" stuff too.
AFAIK, or my understanding of it anyway, it's just like ROC for Rally Fans, (the 'rally' event in X-Games.) So I don't think it's a bad thing, just a good way to showcase some driving that most normal people don't get the chance to see
Oh the irony of people trying to become popular by hating popular things.
We have no idea how their sponsors LOVE seeing these boys give a show at the X-Games. No it's not rallying...they just call it that way but we have the real stuff here too and don't worry they are good at it.

Our multiple Canadian and North American champion did several european WRC events in Group N around 2002 and he did very well while he was still a major rally newbie at that time. Now him and Block always fight close when they compete so I guess Block shouldn't be completely ridiculous in a WRC car. Pretty sure himself knows he'll not be close to challenging Seb or Mikko...
IIRC the X-Games rallying, when it was first introduced, made use of proper rally stages in addition to the stadium stuff. I seem to recall some stuff out in the desert-ish areas, and the stadium was just the final stage.
Here is the official site for the American rally

A lot of what they do is showboating, but that is the only way to get sponsors to fork over the cash to support their racing career. Apart from the X-Games, rally stages generally don't have many spectators, nor have I ever seen it televised. I really hope it does eventually become televised. It might actually invoke more Americans to become skillful at driving.
Quote from legoflamb :It might actually invoke more Americans to become skillful at driving.

Milka Duno
I love the X games rally, As others mentioned its like the ROC or a super special stage, Great spectator events!
It would be cool to see WRC drivers in the mix but its probrably not in there best interest to do it. Tho it would be fantastic to watch.

Anything that brings motorsport to the masses in good in my book!
Lets think about it. More that watch xgames and enjoy it will probrably start following WRC, Get Block and Pastrana in the WRC and america will be all over it like a rash
Boo to fun!.

its entertainement whats not to like about it.
Marcus Grönholm isn't a good enough character for WRC? Ok he's gone now... but still...
Quote from BlueFlame :Marcus Grönholm isn't a good enough character for WRC? Ok he's gone now... but still...

being able to match loeb is all the character WRC needs.
I wonder what would happen if Block completely dominated the WRC?

What would you have to say about him being a "show off" then...?
#17 - w126
Quote from brandons48 :I wonder what would happen if Block completely dominated the WRC?

Hell would freeze over?
I'll get my snow boots

I think he'd be quite good

And X-Games is rallying/ROC for the masses

It's entertaining

Who REALLY cares if it's real rally or not? Just enjoy the fact it's fun IMO!
Quote from Mustafur :being able to match loeb is all the character WRC needs.

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(He's so good I don't have to talk to the press)

Some of those quotes are amazing. Here are some of my favourites...

What kind of an atmosphere do you think McLaren has right now (the spy saga)? - "I bet it’s ****ing great"

What makes TAG Heuer special? - "It’s ok"

The helmet has a special meaning for many drivers. How important is it to you? - "It protects my head"

Interviewer: The most exciting moment during the race weekend?
Kimi: I think so it's the race start, always.
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Kimi: Now.
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American rallying (X-Games)
(22 posts, started )