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Count me in
Car : FZR
im in if its not to late
Password is sent out
by the time I am unable to participate I beg your pardon No estimate the time

forgiveness for the English google
Can i join the race now?
Car: FZR
Great evening on SO-City!
THANX mates for making this event a success
I was racing on server B and had a GREAT time with many thrilling fights.
Did a bad quali and started as nr 12 on the grid, but tonite i had really good pace and ended up on the podium as nr 3 (on B)

If there's any interest IRM will arrange "GTAL pre FUN-races" in the future too! Pls post a comment in this forum and tell us if you think this is a good idea!

Once again IRM want's to thank all the drivers anticipating in the event tonight
Well guys, thanks for the racing! Quite pleased how it turned out considering it's my first endurance race My luck just had to have it a 1hour 30 minutes race on South City

Could you post the replays and some stats, please? Or upload them to Spdo? Hell, even posting just the replays is good enough for me
Thank you and congrats to the second place ...

Replay from server B is up at the OP. As soon as I find out how to up load the replay from server A it'll be there too ..
The stats is soon there too ...

I apoligize to the late registered. We have a rule that says if you miss the qualify you can still take part of the event, at the last place at Torsdagsrace B server.
Unfortunatly I didn't keep an eye at this forum, only in the forum
In the A-server it was a bit hectic. The first pile up lifted me from 13th to 5th. After that I had great battles during the whole race but manage with my perfect pitstop snatch the fourth place. For once the strategy payed off ...

Congrats to the podium ...
1. GraVT F. Gehammar
2. rCoRe D. Adelin
3. IRM H. Melin

Podium B
2. VM|Gray
3. IRM M. Sjoblom
Hey Cawwa,

Is there a replay of qual anywhere? Thx.
Thank you all for this great test race. I was very tired and didnt get much sleep last night , tried to concentrated but didnt do that well. Anyway i had started p14 in serverA and finished p6. I got good scenes from race when battle with IRM and 7Karat pilots , sure we all wants to race again. Keep it alive please

(next time i will not sleep at the pit area! )
Replay for server A is now up as well.

@ Texas Sorry we didn't save the qualy replay.
#69 - need
Quote from need :Stats from Qualifying on Server A, and race stats from both servers.

Thanks Gray
It´s always fun to race, but i had a troubled time in this one. On lap 7 i think then Texas LTU and AsnL crashed and i hit them as i had nowhere to go and got heavy damage and my race was over. I chose to drive until 36 laps were left and stopped for repair that took ages to complete.

Anyway, thanks for organizing this race, Bertil & co. Race ya later
You are welcome, allways nice to have you with us ...

Thx for the stats Gray ...
#74 - 2mhk
wow I seemed to have a really fast car!! top speed @ 387kmph
Quote from 2mhk :wow I seemed to have a really fast car!! top speed @ 387kmph

I think that means you have some bad lag.