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Anyone made christmas/new year plans yet?
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Christmas - Family stuff
New Year - Family stuff

Nowhere to go because my friends will stay here in this city and I'm going to another, MEH!.
Christmas with the family, and then new years will be a chilled get together at a friends place.
I'm off to the gf's parents for Xmas this year. But between now and then I still have an album to finish so I'll be running between London and the Cotswolds almost every weekend
Quote from Nathan_French_14 :Your rather optimistic.

Anyhow, good luck.

spanish driving test , my friend did it , he passed the thery without even reading the book
and the actuall test was done in 10 mins , if i fail that i will tatto TWAT on my head
My new years one from this year was not to **** up(bad choices ect) i faild.

So its going to be the same again next year.
I'm going to try to convince my parents that I can support myself when I'm 18. They think I can't right now.
I Need to make up a paint job for the helmet im getting at Christmas..

Meh, I Fail at designing things.
Quote from GrIp DrIvEr :I'm going to try to convince my parents that I can support myself when I'm 18. They think I can't right now.

Develop a plan of all your projected monthly expenses (including annual expenses broken down into monthly) for when you are living on your own and present it to your parents.

Then, start buying all your own stuff, including food, gas, toilet paper, soap, clothes, etc. Tell your parents to stop cooking for you and cook our own food. Do your own dishes, too. Regularly clean the sink, toilet, and shower you use most. If you have a car your parents bought for you, buy it off them. Make it official by getting the title in your name. Buy your own car insurance, too. Negotiate a fair amount to pay your parents for a portion of their electricity, gas, and water bills. Always get out the door by a certain time to make it to work on time. Make sure your parents see this by saying goodbye. If you don't have one, get a cell phone so people don't try to call you on your parents' home phone. Keep your room clean and don't leave any of your personal effects anywhere else.

Basically, your parents shouldn't even know you live there other than by your presence. You must show the utmost maturity in everything you do.
I'm looking forward to Christmas day for a change (usually it consists of sitting at home with a mildly inebriated family watching the same boring movies that are on EVERY year...). This year I'm going off for an all-night cruise with some of the local car clubs, last year there were 300 cars involved, and they stayed out from sunset to sunrise Bringing some mates with me (not that I can fit more than 2...), some beer, some tunes and a few jerrycans of petrol. Going to be a good evening/night/morning
#36 - CSU1

6am - get up hung over(Santa drinks an aweful lot of port Christmas eve)

7am - clean up the two metric tonnes of wrapping and packaging from the kids

8am - epic fry up!

9am - drive to mother in law's in the next county and help with dinner

10am> - have the first sneaky beverage of the day

6pm - dinner!

8pm - retrieve laptop from car and watch people drive the new VW around
They've got me working christmas eve, I'll either try and get it off, or I'll phone in ill or something.

I plan to shop on that day, then go to the pub for a bit.

Boxing day I have off, No idea what I'm doing, turns out everyone's doing something :'(

No idea what's happening new years eve, my mate wants me to go to Canterbury with him. But I'm working New years day.
I will both be working.
#39 - CSU1
Quote from th84 :Same as the last 5 yrs.....

Wake up at 5am to the sounds of a screaming 6yr old telling me how Santa stopped by.

Is your house forever repopulated by 6 year olds, or do you just have one that doesn't age?
Quote :Anyone made christmas/new year plans yet?

i also get the royal screwjob.

afternoon shifts on christmas/boxing day, and nights on newyears/day.
Visiting family and stuff.
Visiting food, family and stuff.
And eat
And fire fireworks.
im gonna do what aussies do best BBQ and drink and drink and drink oh and did i say drink?
NYE = Rave = Gettin ****ed from 9pm-9am = After party with mates = sleeping for 3 days straight
my ones have changed
xmas - NOT DOING DRIVING TEST ... 800 euros <<<
new year = move back to england , and take it there when ever possible
and then cry over insurance quotes
Dacia sandero 1.2 for a 18 year old with ncb .
5000 pounds
#47 - th84
Quote from Bob Smith :Is your house forever repopulated by 6 year olds, or do you just have one that doesn't age?

LOL! His age changes each year. I kinda figured that could be figured out.
#49 - senn
sleeping. i'm working 180 hours this fortnight. and i only got 1.5 hours sleep last night *joy*
Well, i just got back from slammin vinyl at the NEC (lg arena) brimingham, and it was fairly good!

The hardcore room was rammed all night and i dunno about anyone else who goes to these, but i swear raves have got louder over the years!

Hardcore aint what it used to be IMO, nothing can compare to the classic 96-99 era of happy hardcore for me, but the place was pumpin and i still had a right good night!

The only thing that p!ssed us off a bit was all of us paying the extra for a VIP ticket, giving you your own VIP line into the venue, but the queue for that (which was only about 30 foot long) took an hour to get to the front, fair enough our queue was about 10x shorter than the regular queue, but you could see that longer one was moving a lot quicker than ours, as the group of people who were next to us to us on the other side of the barriers in the normal queue were at the front, searched and in after about 15 minutes, plus people kept jumping over the barriers to get into the VIP queue, then getting to the front and getting sent back to the other queue coz they didnt have a VIP ticket, which is why i reckon it took ages, plus they searched everyone too.

So many people totally off their nut on E and god knows what else, steaming, chewing their own faces off, or stoned out of their minds, which is expected at a rave really, but there were people smoking fat spliffs in the middle of the arena, and lads in the toilets snorting all sorts of stuff, doing pills, and running about offering drugs to everyone, i had a lad run up to me totally mashed, repeatedly screaming the word KETAMIN! in my face before i just turned and walked off, then another lad walked in the toilets and started puking in the urinal, then he turns to us and says 'im OK, just did too many anphetamines when i got here, thats all', how stupid can you be to even do it in the first place.

I guess all that queueing and getting searched was a waste of time as it clearly did not work whatsoever, there were more drugs in there than there is in a fooking pharmacy! although having said that, we did see about 12 security staff bash the door of the disabled toilets in and grab some people snorting coke, so they were trying to do something about it i suppose, my mate was taking a sneaky video of it kicking off but one of the security ran up, put his hand over the lense and said 'stop videoing' my mate asked why, and he said 'just turn the f--king thing off!' so he did, he was huge, and there were loads of em, not worth the risk of getting kicked out over a video.

And the VIP area itself was about half the size of the bar at mildo stadium, with about 15 chairs, 2 small couches and one bar with 1 barman on it, which was packed all night, getting a drink from there took nearly as long as it did to get in, oh and there was one set of toilets, hardly worth the extra 25 quid odd to go VIP.

The grub around the place was bang on though, i had chips when i got there at about 10, then chips again at about 2, then curry and chips at 5 when we left, curry was lovely too, really nice food to what i was expecting.

Drinks were as expected, not cheap, plastic bottles of carlsberg, £4 each, bottles of water, £2, red bull, about 3 quid, but i took it fairly easy and enjoyed my night without the need to be totally slaughtered, i think all the food i ate helped soaked it up, plus 1 in every 3 or 4 drinks i was having water instead of beer, pacing myself.

So not including hotel and ticket, i actually spent about £60 in there on food and drinks, i have done double that amount in nightclubs in one night before now, so it wasnt bad really, plus i had a nice little touch on the way home too.

We swung into some services (corley i think) for some grub and had a little peek in the arcade in there, as i had £40 lef that i had fully intended on spending at slammin vinyl anyway, so i thought id have a little punt with a tenner of it, we went round and my mate found 2 £70jp machines that were full or nearly full (refill keys are handy) so he had a jackpot out of each of them, making him about £95 profit, there was a bloke playing rainbow riches £500 jp (£1 a spin) when we walked in, firing notes into it he was, he must have done at least £150 through it in the time it took my mate to thrash those other 2 machines, which wasnt long, and after about 15 minutes he got up and left it, said he'd had enough of it and had to leave (i think he'd gone skint), so i walked up to it, stuck a tenner in, 6th spin, dropped in 3 leprachauns symbols, went to £60, sorted, won the food and drink money back!!

Anyone made christmas/new year plans yet?
(52 posts, started )