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Airattack Youtube Account updates
Quote from Hyperdrive :Looks like you're cataloguing all our most embarassing moments.

Good stuff, keep 'em coming.

Yes. Unfortunatley there isn't enough videos of you, hopefully next Folkrace race it will. :cool: :camera:
Small update again. 1 more video online. This is a great tip for you who loves engine sounds.. ... &feature=channel_page



REMEMBER: This is OUR account, not mine! So if you want to share a video of you doing something nice, or so (samples: Sound, Driving, Skin, Time, Onboard Camera etc) so just launch it to me and i will upload it. Its OUR account, dont forget that. Cheers.
What are the interest of getting some updates in the future?
I might start my photo album again what do yous think?
Possibly make a video...?
Suggestion :

It would be nice if all of the people racing would
have a nice racing skin with a number on it?

The videos and the pictures would look real and far nicer?

Tell me what do you thing about this? Thanks