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The inevitable picture thread II: Return of the funnies
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hahaha Classic.
Quote from hazaky :Am i missing something? :sadbanana

Not really, apparantly chuck norris is famous for something or other, but to me he just looks like a scruffy builder or something.

I also got another good one, but I think it's a bit too racist for here.
Quote from Bose321 :

I also got another good one, but I think it's a bit too racist for here.

Lmao. Everyone has to get a chance to experience something new.
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Apologies for the link to The Daily Heil, but this is a funny story:

Quote :
Two thugs who attacked what they thought were a pair of transvestites picked on the wrong men - when their intended victims turned out to be cage fighters on a night out in fancy dress.
Dean Gardener, 19, and Jason Fender, 22, singled out the two men walking along a street in wigs, short skirts and high heels.
Bare-chested Gardener was caught on CCTV confronting one of the men in a pink wig, black skirt and boob tube - then seen swinging a punch, a court heard.

But the other cage fighter, wearing a sparkling black dress and matching long wig, sprang to his friend's help, delivering two lightning-quick punches to the two stunned yobs.
The cage fighters were then seen teetering away in their high heels, stopping only to pick up a clutch bag they dropped during the melee.
Gardener and Fender were left dazed and seen staggering to their feet after their failed attack.

CCTV cameras followed the pair as they weaved along The Kingsway in Swansea, South Wales, before being arrested by police.
Mark Davies, defending, said: 'You know it cannot have been a good night when you get into a fight with two cross-dressing men.
'Unfortunately they were extremely drunk.

Police later discovered the two drag queens were cage fighters on a fancy dress stag night out with other friends.
Both Gardener and Fender, from Bonymaen, Swansea, pleaded guilty to using abusive words and behaviour.
CCTV footage of the attacks was shown at Swansea Magistrates' Court. It shows them fighting with several men before the approach the two cage fighters.
The pair were sentenced to a four-month community order, were electronically tagged and placed under a curfew between 7pm to 7am.

:crown: Shit happens..
Hmm, now i have looked properly im not sure i can really laugh at the oh she's 11 one, as i live in soham, which as the name suggests, is where huntley and the soham murders happened, plus i was good mates with one of the murdered girls older sisters at the time, not a good situation at all, as what could say to her if i saw her, as i could hardly go to her house as the media were climbing all over the place, old bill everywhere, plus if i bumped into her, what could i have possibly said, are you ok? well no, sorry a nutter killed your sister?

I lost touch with her quite soon after the that, the odd text now and again in the weeks following it all but not like we were, we havent spoken to eachother for some years now.

Statistically, 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang-rape.
Quote from hazaky :Agree'd

But, may it be fake? A little girl like this ... but its a epic win indeed

did you know that the guy was actually bastian:hide:
Saw this on another forum.

Guys, need help, how do you do that "Link" Thing, you have something say
[url]hey[/url] and it leads you to a page. How do you do that?
Select the text you want to add link to(having said link in clipboard).
Click the button above, paste link. Done.

Or if you want to edit it..

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The inevitable picture thread II: Return of the funnies
(5477 posts, closed, started )