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Guess the time, win a £24 voucher code!
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1:48:16 :d
2:33:54 have a good race
Quote from zeugnimod :I think that would be world record pace.

Must be A LOT of faith.

It is a lot of faith i have in him.

I will be the one laughing when he does that time
I win?
2.04.23 good luck

Random guess, trying my luck.
2.13.31 good luck
Lots of duplicates, get them sorted out

To address some of the comments:

Yes, the formatting isn't quite right. But the spreadsheet gave me serious headaches when I tried to use either two decimal places or two colons in one field. So that's why it is the way it is.

In hindsight it would've been better to get the two-colon format working, because there has been confusion with the format and people choosing 66 seconds or whatever. I'm not sure what to do with the ones which have a post-decimal number over 59. I'll accept PMs from the people who have guessed those numbers if they want to update them, otherwise I might just round them up to get them in the right format.

My bad
best of luck to u my friend
Quote from Btoryo :2:44.66

Quote from Flame CZE :A minute has got olny 60 seconds so 59 is the top.

maybe not in the Phillippines...

just kidding! So 2:44.66 corrected should be 2:45.06 right? (edit: a lot of people in the list obviously got that wrong)
.. Or it's .66 of a minute, which means it's 2:44:40.
or people just thought this run would only last over 2 minutes...

then a 2:44.66 would make sense again...

No where close to what i actually think but im just throwing it out there.
Haha last 2 were random.
2:09.51 . GL Dan!
2hrs 14 mins 22 secs

Personally I would just get a taxi and stop off at every boozer on the way, but good luck with it

Guess the time, win a £24 voucher code!
(395 posts, started )