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Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack
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Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack
Presenting the Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack made by me.

Testing envoironment / settings


Car 12.0
Tyres 1.0
Wind 0.5
Echo 0.0

Sennheiser PC 151 / 7.1 Onboard Sound

How to load:

Start the game and e.g. go to Singleplayer mode so you are on a track. Press Shift+A. The sound menu should come up, then click "Pack" at the top right of the menu. Enter "Team Inferno" in the field then click ok.

The pack should be loaded now.

I hope you like it

Download here: ...

Preview of XFG XRG see:
Thanks. I will put it straight to test and tell you what I think.
#3 - Lynce
Looks nice. Added to the second post in the revolution Pack's thread.

Awesome, brother!
Thank you for that, they're amazing .
Great, thx u Team Inferno!
Will check this pack tonight, tks guys :P
Can someone help me out here? I've extracted the folder into the engine folder but whenever I click to load the pack and put in Team Inferno or Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack, I keep getting an error like No files in soundpack or something like that so how do I fix this?
The correct pack name is Team Inferno, it's the part common to all the engine filenames if you look in the folder.

Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack
(8 posts, started )