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Interior Studio Lighting Study
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Interior Studio Lighting Study
We have all seen them, and we all love them...

I want to start this thread to help improve people's renders and really help the rising number of people that render here or have an interest in 3d stuff, so I want to start this thread to give people ideas of how to make a scene, improve their lighting, and in general improve their renders all around.

I am an ameteure photographer and can tell you that when someone says lighting is key, they are correct, light is an amazing subject on this planet and is extremely complicated, so making a 3d studio that is fake isn't an easy place to begin.

This thread will most likely get very broad but I want it to keep in the study of studio lighting studies, if need be we can start another thread on render presets and understanding everything, but lighting is a very complicated thing, and I think this should help.

I am uploading images from around the net (hopefully I won't get into trouble, it's all in the sake of education!)

Within the uploaded images you will see there are two main types of studios people go for:

Hard lighting
Soft lighting

Hard Lighting
Hard light really makes the gloss on a car shine, hard lights are usually very rectangular and long to go the length of the car, can take few lights, often use of shadow box type lights hanging from ceiling
+ glossiness of paint
- harsh light, harsh reflection
= gives the car a very aggressive look with the hardness

Soft Lighting
Shows off the flowing curves of the body, is meant to be very calm and subtle, often takes more lights, and lots of fall off (soft) lights on walls and curtains
+ calmness, gives an expensive look
- soft reflection means it makes paint look like plastic if done incorrectly
= expensive feel and look, in real photographs it looks nice, but in 3d it at times can make your materials look very poor and not reflective at all, a very rubbery feel to them.
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We will begin with the earth portion of that, and go from there.

The ground is an important part of the render, because it captures the light, and keeps the car from looking like it is floating mid air. The ground is also a decision factor in your render, do you want to focus attention to the model itself, or away from the model?

The more complex the background, the more attention it grabs, so often photography companies tend to keep the background as solid as possible without grabbing much attention (in photography, low f-stop lenses are used to blur out a distracting background)

Because 3d isn't real, you can do whatever you want, but lets begin with the basics of backgrounds.


The most basic of all, it extends to the edge of view, and just grounds the model itself.
Always from above, and casts down on model.


As common as flat plane is, however this doesn't have the sky/ground distraction flat ground is known to cause.
Typically just from above.

Quarter pipe

This is the most common background, as it is very simple, very many variations of the quarter pipe, so it is very useful.
Lights can cast downwards on subject, and towards the subject from 'outside'.


Also very basic, however instead of having to worry about background, you now have a closed location.
You can now control the lighting from anywhere, besides only on the ground, you can now light up a wall, the roof, etc.


Fully inclosed, very similar to box, however, does not have wall edge issues boxes are known to have.
Similar to box.

But what's the difference?
Well as you can tell by their shape there are plenty of differences!

Why choose one over the other?
Depends on what you are going for, if it's an outdoor scene, flat plain is the right one for you then!

Which is the best?
Well like I said, it depends on what you want to do, having all to play around with though is better than working with just one.

How do I make these?
Stay tuned and I will show you, we must finish the basics first!

Go out and experiment!
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I plan on doing it with mental ray or raytrace, something everyone has to control.

Plus you have to be members of quiet and excellent 3D forums to get good tutorials like I'm hoping this will be, there are very limited car render scene tutorials around (less than 10 public ones)

It is for beginners, hopefully some will stop using the basic scene lighting and learn the program more and do some cool things instead of just pressing F9 (render button)

edit- better yet i will have to get together with someone to do an actual rendering tutorial which should be done too, but as the title of the thread is, it's a study.. more to come soon this weekend though.
Hey since I am getting started on the daylight system in Mental ray maybe you can create one that explains that as well.

Tutorial & study is starting to spin its wheel so keep up and I will keep doing my best to work on this for everyone!
You gave me a nice idea for next RP.

Nice tutorial for render makers.

Interior Studio Lighting Study
(13 posts, started )