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ATI Tray Tools Crashes My PC???
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ATI Tray Tools Crashes My PC???
When i re-installed my XP again a few months ago, i followed some sound advice and downoaded the omega drivers for my HD2600 pro (AGP) as opposed to the ATI ones.

Now, as i havent got the ATI drivers i also don't have the CCC, which isnt a big problem as it used to slow my PC down most of the time.

What i have got instead is ATI tray tools, which came with my omega drivers, but the problem is, none of the overclocking utilities will work at all, if i click calculate, or show 3D renderer, or bench, its the death click, and theres the BSOD!

Even if i click on set default clocks, the second i press that mouse button i get the BSOD.

The driver version that i have is for the AGP cards so i presume that the tray tools utility should also be AGP compatible.

I have googled this issue and can't seem to find any answers so i thought i would ask you guys.

Thanks in advance!
Put your old ATi drivers back on?
#3 - G!NhO
Download ccc again?

ATI Tray Tools Crashes My PC???
(3 posts, started )