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#liveforspeed TBO round 4, Week 14
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#liveforspeed TBO round 4, Week 14
Hello again fellow TBO fans. Though a bit late, because of my lazyness, here's the signup thread for the #liveforspeed TBO round 4, week 14.

Please note that we've changed the time to 18.30 UTC, due to the change to summertime in Europe. For those that are now on sumertime, it means that the race starts at the same time it has done the last mondays.

track laps race#1/race#2

BL1 14/28
BL1R 14/28
SO4 10/20
SO4R 10/20
SO5R 13/26
SO6 16/32
FE3R 12/24
KY2R 10/20
KY3 7/14
KY3R 7/14
WE1 10/20
WE1R 10/20
AS3 9/18
AS3R 9/18
AS7 8/16
AS7R 8/16

The race is open for everyone to keep the number of racers above 15 (below this, and we'll try again next week). Racers will be accepted to the race in the order they've signed up in, so be quick. Sign-ups will be accepted until 17:30 UTC, race day - at this time, server and password information will be sent out in a forum PM.

The schedule for race day will be as follows:
At 18:30 UTC the track is decided and practice starts.
  • 15 min Practice
  • 20 min Qualifying
  • 5 min break
  • ~20 min Race 1
  • 5 min break
  • ~40 min Race 2
Rules: Required 3% intake restriction for FXO, visit for the rest of the rules, the points system and other stuff.

List of entries:
1. CasseBent
2. FinnishFlash
3. MataGyula (not 100% sure)
4. Mp3 Astra
5. Gener_AL (UK)
6. Kid222
7. Bean0
8. SpoosH
9. VoiD
10. vari
11. troy
12. illegal
13. rich uk
14. adamlfs
15. Byku
16. DrDNA
17. Huru-aito
18. kamo2000
19. three_jump
20. zeugnimod
21. Victor
22. Juki_fi
23. Da_Hoe
24. FireFox86
25. Oxygene
26. Psilok

im in
I'm in,too \o (please God, no more SO :| )
Incabable of driving
Put me down once again/

And add FE4 pl0x.
#7 - Bean0
Sign me up please

Quote from Gener_AL (UK) :Put me down once again/

Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.
#9 - VoiD
Please add me...
#10 - vari
/me signs in
#11 - troy
<- will be there
I'll be there!. so5 reverse this time please I looove the barrier!
Im in
#15 - Byku
In :P
Sign me up!
Me in
I can't make this one
Sign me in please
#21 - Don
I'm in depending on the server.
I'll be there again
Count me in please

#liveforspeed TBO round 4, Week 14
(54 posts, started )