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It guessed Jean-Luc Picard correct
It guessed Laura-Mary from the Blood Red Shoes wrong, came up with someone called Cheryl Cole
It stopped after the second question "Is the character famous" when I tried it with Link "I am lost ? Would you mind starting a new game ?"
But it guessed Zelda right
And it found Pope Benedict XVI

funny clever game
It guessed Walter Röhrl correct. I was quite surprised... should try some others :-)
It guessed Zachary Quinto aka Sylar from Heroes.... and it was right!.... wow

Edit: It guess Hayden Panettierre aka Claire Bennett from Heroes... and it was right also

Yes, I like heroes lol
E2: lol it is right 3 times now this is brill!
It didn't guess Michel Knight instead it got seeley booth

but... it got kitt right

Martin Brodeur for Montoya


Wayyyy off

Second go, it didn't get Little Al either
It didnt even get Kim Holland

*EDIT* Ohw now he did.
lol been on this for an hour lol, out of like 15-17 people it's got 2 wrong..... its goooood.

E: loooool, it got Pikachu
Got Superman (obviously), but failed at Batfink! Muhahahahaha. Your bullets cannot harm me — my wings are like a shield of steel!
Didn't get Leonard Cohen
But did get Sid Vicious and Bambi

Then again, it does ask a hell of a lot of questions.
It got Scawen!
didn't get Tommy Cooper or Aaron Funk, that thing sucks
#37 - 5haz

It didn't get Ritche Blackmore, instead some dude from Judas Priest.

It fails at guessing mine.
i was thinking of luigi and it got mario, muaha
Just tried Victor, went for Bill Gates
Just tried Scawen 6 times.

Can't remember the first one
Osama bin Laden
Bill Gates
The Google guy
Osama bin Laden again
Daniel Negreanu (world poker player)


And I got Scawen listed on the last 10 games played! Whoohoo!

Edit: You guys have been saying he is NOT internationally famous? He is with us!
It got right Monica Bellucci.
Me thinked Ovechkin - Result: Crosby
Me thinked Jim Clark - Result: Mansell
Tried Jakg

Got Tony Blair
wow all 5 things i thinked of it got!
I did it about my GF, and no joke, it came up as "the girl I want"
Viscount de Valmont, it guessed it.
Tried Dave Bowman and it said 'Hudson from Aliens'
Then tried the main character from Stranger than Fiction and said Heath Ledger

PS: tried Dave Kaemmer got Sid Meier
PPS: tried Scawen and got Jenson Button
LOL! It guessed Michael Jackson! I said "i dont know" when it asked "is your character a woman" and said yes to him having white skin haha
I thaught of S14 it gave me the maker of gary's mod Gary Newman
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Akinator, the Web Genius
(55 posts, started )