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Created in collaboration with : martin18 & Jake_Blasted
requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 18)
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Drive side :
Can choose drive side
Engine :
2.5 litre flat 4 / All wheel drive
Power :
283 kW (380 bhp) @ 6594 rpm
Torque :
522 Nm (385 lbft) @ 3156 rpm
Total mass :
1191 kg (2625 lbs)
Power-weight :
238 W / kg (324 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Sequential with ignition cut
Fuel tank size :
80 litres
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Rally car
This is RS1 Kenji from the open source game Speed Dreams.
They have a bunch of models distributed under Free Art License.

Thanks to -verde- for creating a LFS thread about the models!

Very fast rally car built to WRC regulations
2.5 litre flat 4 boosted to 380 bhp.
Dry weight of 1190 kg (2623 lbs)
Sequential 6 speed transmission

Two configs: RACE and CUSTOM

RACE is the normal look of the car, but CUSTOM has:
- Rear windows covered with panels to give more sponsor room
- Custom steering wheel
This config is more for me really Big grin


Thank you Brett (Jake_Blasted) for finishing touches and helping overall.
Thank you martin18 for the engine and sound. 10/10 would would get engine again.

Things left to do:
-Finalize handling
-Try and make this model look as good as possible
-Add more rally inspired skins


LFS 2021-12-31 19-15-38.png  lfs_00001082.png  lfs_00001084.png  lfs_00001083.png  lfs_00001085.png 


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Inspired by the 2008 WRC Subaru Impreza Hatchback


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