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requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 17)
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Drive side :
Central driver position
Engine :
998 cc inline 4 / Rear wheel drive
Power :
160 kW (215 bhp) @ 13498 rpm
Torque :
121 Nm (89 lbft) @ 11770 rpm
Total mass :
190 kg (418 lbs)
Power-weight :
846 W / kg (1153 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Fuel tank size :
17 litres
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998cc Superbike
Yamaha YZF-R1 inspired bike made in Blender.

Built for experienced riders but can be used by less experienced riders too thanks for Traction Control and ABS systems that come with the bike (Although ABS doesn't really work on this bike but it's included anyway).

Fairly balanced and powerful bike that does not require additional balast to be added to the front (results may vary, but using wheel and pedals it can stop really fast without any major wobbles).

Highly detailed model with realistic LOD2 for shadows. Some parts may still need some textures and details.

Thanks for Turbo (superlame) for engine sound. Might not be super realistic but it's closer than what is possible right now in editor.

You will have to adjust your inside view to see LCD. My settings are:
  • Field of View 100
  • Pitch view -11.65
  • Y offset -0.109
  • Z offset -0.053
Turn mirrors 6.5 degrees down, each.

Most textures are made by me using Gimp, Blender, some are taken from original LFS files.


chimera_2.jpg  chimera_8.jpg  chimera_5.jpg  chimera_6.jpg  chimera_7.jpg  chimera_1.jpg  chimera_3.jpg  chimera_4.jpg 


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Gathered reference photos of desired motorbike and using said images modeled the motorbike from scratch using Blender. Had to get more reference photos along the way to make sure the details are modeled as close as possible.

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License type : LFS Vehicle License
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This Vehicle Mod is inspired by another vehicle.
This mod is inspired by 2021 YAMAHA YZF-R1


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