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(version 2)
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Drive side :
Central driver position
Engine :
200 cc single cylinder / Rear wheel drive
Power :
10 kW (14 bhp) @ 4251 rpm
Torque :
29 Nm (22 lbft) @ 2450 rpm
Total mass :
185 kg (408 lbs)
Power-weight :
56 W / kg (77 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Centrifugal clutch
Fuel tank size :
16 litres


Virtual grass needs mowing too!
This is Veikko 6000.

It started life as a boring, ordinary lawnmower, until some lunatic decided to throw everything except the chassis into a bin, and fit a 200cc quadbike engine in place of the original one.

Few things worth of noting:

- it has steering
- it has 4 gears
- it has 4 wheels
- 5 if you count the steering wheel
- it also has a seat warmer taken from MRT to keep your virtual butt from freezing
- fully working default skin, including 8 additional paintjobs (wireframe coming soon!)
- it doesn't have a cutting blade assembly so you can't actually mow any lawns. virtual grass doesn't actually need mowing, i lied.
- it also doesn't have any type of suspension apart from the tyre sidewall flex
- it is also pretty much the first model i've ever completed so it propably has like 16 polygons

Hope you enjoy this mod and have as much fun driving it as i had making it.

Updated to Version 2, changelog below:

- new configuration, related to the short description Wink
- improved frame, resulting in slightly reduced "wheel hop"

- centrifugal clutch to combat clutch wear
- more "realistic" powerband, power/torque peak higher but optimal rpm reduced, it is also now a 4-stroke since actual quadbikes with similar size engines are most commonly 4 strokes, too. Big grin


veikkoss.jpg  veikkoss2.jpg  veikkoss3.jpg  veikkoupdate1.jpg  veikkoupdate2.jpg 


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Included Skins

B894E9_DEFAULT2048.jpg  B894E9_NopeeB.jpg  B894E9_NopeeR.jpg  B894E9_RacerB.jpg  B894E9_RacerW.jpg  B894E9_StripeB.jpg  B894E9_Veikko6K.jpg  B894E9_Veikko6KB.jpg  B894E9_Veikko6KG.jpg 

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Everything (well, apart from Cromo steering wheel, MRT exhaust, mirror and textures) is original, made as a learning practise to get used to the functions of the new LFS editor.

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