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(version 4)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Can choose drive side
Engine :
1 litre inline 4 / Rear wheel drive
Power :
33 kW (44 bhp) @ 4852 rpm
Torque :
78 Nm (58 lbft) @ 3023 rpm
Total mass :
825 kg (1818 lbs)
Power-weight :
40 W / kg (54 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
H-pattern gearbox
Fuel tank size :
38 litres
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Rear-engined small family car from the 70's
One of the least powered and least equipped variants of a popular small family car made in Czechoslovakia between 1976 and 1990.

It is available in 9 beautiful colour shades.

It also offers an option to put on a roof rack or a classy vinyl roof.

There is also an option to have a tachometer gauge instead of the generic gauge:


Thanks to the original author TTÆtom, maty, Softair and others from the CZ/SK/EU Škoda Discord community for allowing me to use their base model and helping me out during development.
Development discussion thread:


lfs_00001607.jpg  lfs_00001608.jpg  lfs_00001602.jpg  lfs_00001603.jpg  lfs_00001585.jpg  lfs_00001584.jpg  lfs_00001582.jpg  lfs_00001612.jpg  lfs_00001613.jpg 


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