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requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 5)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Fixed to left
Engine :
344 cc twin cylinder / Rear wheel drive
Power :
12 kW (16 bhp) @ 4570 rpm
Torque :
27 Nm (20 lbft) @ 3770 rpm
Total mass :
310 kg (682 lbs)
Power-weight :
38 W / kg (52 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Fuel tank size :
17 litres
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A light three-wheeler with leather body
Designed as a special car for the disabled, with a leather body, two seats, motorbike engine and a maximum speed of less than 90 km/h.

The car comes with two configurations: with and without the leather roof.

It likes to flip a lot, so drive carefully Smile

To do:

- Use my own photos for textures (in progress)
- Add engine model
- Add more things on the dashboard
- Add pedals, handbrake and other things in the interior

Texture sources:

Brake drum
License plate
Window dirt
Dirt on window
Chain link


lfs_00001440.jpg  lfs_00001442.jpg  lfs_00001446.jpg  lfs_00001447.jpg  lfs_00001445.jpg  lfs_00001448.jpg 


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Copyright Information

License applicable to elements used in this Vehicle Mod

The author of this Vehicle Mod has indicated that this work is an original creation and has provided the following description of the approach:
The general car shape was modelled by hand based on a blueprint image of the real car. Shapes of car parts were modelled by hand based on various reference photos of the real car.

Redistribution / modification permission

The author of this Vehicle Mod has provided the following license, defining in which way this work can be redistributed, shared or modified:

License type : LFS Vehicle License
Derivatives are allowed : NO

Intellectual property

This Vehicle Mod is inspired by another vehicle.
This car is heavily inspired by the Velorex 16/350 made in 1960's in Czechoslovakia.

The following is based on real data:
- car dimensions
- wheel dimensions
- engine & drivetrain specifications

The general car shape was modelled based on a blueprint image of the real car.

Shapes of car parts are based on various reference photos of the real car.


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