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Created in collaboration with : NENE87, Flame CZE & martin18
requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 13)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Central driver position
Engine :
5.2 litre inline 8 / Rear wheel drive
Power :
82 kW (110 bhp) @ 3586 rpm
Torque :
233 Nm (172 lbft) @ 1687 rpm
Total mass :
890 kg (1962 lbs)
Power-weight :
92 W / kg (125 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
H-pattern gearbox
Fuel tank size :
39 litres
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Tommy 28 - A vintage racing car from 1920'
Tommy 28 - A vintage race car from the 1920's

Experience vintage racing with big moustache and reckless drivers.
Do not expect extrem grip nor evil power! Driving this 1928 Tommy race car requires your feeling with the track to be extremely sharp !

2 available configurations :
- Sport : Base model, ready to race.
- Sport Lux : tiny windscreen and headlights (very usefull for when the devs release the night time transition into LFS).
1 more config : Dirt (awaiting the dedicated version of T28 for dirt)

Martin18 has work on the 8 inline engine !
Flame_CZE gave me his authorisation to use his Hadraplan's steering wheel, gauges and mirrors 3D models (modified).
Nene87 helped me with the editor and the blender at the beginning.

Clocks are old but they still work.
Look at the engine through the air vents!
Look at the hand-polished chromes !

Antiroll bars are finally added so it's still fun to drive as it was very slippery without them.

- Skins with racing numbers and vintage look
- Rear suspensions 3d animation
- Leaning driver animation
Development discussion thread:


Tommy28 V3 (6).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (7).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (8).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (3).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (1).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (2).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (4).jpg  Tommy28 V3 (5).jpg 


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Vintage race cars of 1920'


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