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NDR Kyoto 250
NDR Kyoto 250

Sign-ups open for the 2009 NDR Kyoto 250 - The Great LFS Race

NDR are pleased to announce that Sign ups for the 2009 edition of the Kyoto 250, 'The Great LFS Race', are now open. The race will take place on the 7th March this year.

We have entry requirements to try and prevent a repeat of last year's n00b fest:

- 175 Online Laps of XRT on KY1
- An hotlap uploaded to LFSWorld of XRT on KY1 within 103.50% of the WR
- Attendance at two (2) or more Official 2009 Kyoto 250 Practice Sessions

Practice sessions will start approximately mid-January, with us running them as often as we can. You are encouraged to run in as many as you can, and not just show up, do your two, and go. The more you do, the better you can get acquainted with how we will be running the event, and get some practice in with other people who might be in the race. The sessions are also a good way to meet your laps requirement if you don't yet meet it.

And another thing to bear in mind, this is definitely the more n00b friendly oval event of the year, so even if you havn't experienced turning left for hours on end before, come along and have a go - its lots of fun. And you'll gain lots of experience from just turning up to the practice sessions.

However, you'll find turning left for a long time might be harder than you think, especially with the XRT!

Here is a link to a pretty good Oval set (Ty to setupgrid)

Here is the link to the sign-ups thread.

Also in that thread is lots of other stuff and a link to the rules and other things.

We hope to see as many of you as possible there!!

The NDR Team.