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My3id and TDRT Victorious!

The My3id FZR-GT2 driven by Niall McEvoy and Martijn Bont, and the TDRT FXO driven by Simon Mathei won their respective classes at the NDR Xmas Event 2008.

The race enjoyed a clean start, with everyone getting through T1 with minimal contact. Already at this point, My3id were pulling away from the battling K.O Racing and FRO FZRs. Seidler in the [noobs] RB4 took advantage of the 4WD's superb traction to take an early lead in the TBO class.

As the race continued, what would become the constant 'lappery' of TBOs by the GT2 class commenced. As the GT2s were slowed up slightly it posed an opportunity for drivers in both classes to catch up with the car ahead and make passes. In particular, in the midfield of the GT2 class, the FXR-GT2s of NDR and AGADTUD and the FZR-GT2 of TG were having a ding-dong battle, one car pulling away, the others catching up, passing TBOs 2-wide down the straight.

This battle was broken by TG making an early pitstop.

The majority of the pitstops came between 50 and 70 mins into the race. Some drivers, particularly those in the TBO class had fuelled heavy and still had good tyres, so kept on pounding round, looking to take the advantage over those who had pitted earlier.

At this point a 'Battle of the Frenchies' was taking place between the XRTs of 'Team La Poste' and 'Team Best France' in the TBO mid-pack.

In the GT2 class, everyone was holding status quo, with My3id miles in front of K.O and FRO, who were having a battle for second, FBI Australia were comfortably 4th, with NDR 5th. All this changed on lap 83, with just 20 mins to go, when the NDR FXR-GT2 suffered a rear left puncture coming out of T1. Atkinson span in front of about 4 TBO class cars who he had just lapped, and narrowly avoided Novak who got through unscathed. This cost the NDR team an entire lap, as they had to get back to the pits on 3 wheels (all 2.1 miles of the Blackwood Track), and then change tyres again. However, they were not the only team having trouble with tyres - one of the pre-race favourites, Concept Racing, (winners of the 'Most Festive Skin' award) sustained a front left puncture in their FXO at Turn 3, forcing them to pit aswell.

In the end, it was My3id who were the convincing overall winners, with FRO in second place and K.O in third.
In the TBO class, the normal FXO domination was not quite so apparent, with de Souza coming second in his SRS XRT, Serbian Hell Drivers in third and Seidler coming 4th in his RB4, an excellent result as Blackwood is a particuarly bad track for the RB4.

Congrats to all participants. If you want to watch the race broadcast again, head on over to:

Click 'On Demand' and watch the NDR Christmas Event.