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Fun Racing League
Fun Racing League

Introducing the FBM June Trophy!

The Fun Racing League comes back to one race per week for the next Trophy, that will feature the FBM and will be held during June, starting the 1st (tuesday).

FBM enthusiasts are expected to participate in this fast paced Trophy with four races in four weeks, located at Aston National Reversed, South City Chicane Reversed, Westhill International and Blackwood GP. The Trophy alternates between two-round sprint races (25 minutes per round) with top 8 reversed in the second round, and one-round races with a mandatory pitstop (50 minutes long). A 15 minutes hardcore qualifying session takes place before the start of the race to decide the grid order. This session is insim controlled to ensure that no shift+p or shift+s is used.

To qualify for the race you musy register at and sign-up for the next event. You can do this at any time during the Trophy. After a driver signs-up for a race he must complete a minimun of 10 laps on the league server. The pre-qualify time is the average of the 10 best laps done in the server. The 32 drivers with the best pre-qualify times will qualify to the race and will receive the server password. Pre-qualify is open until sunday midnight (UTC+2). All races start at 21:30 CEST (19:30 UTC)

This is the full calendar:

NOTE: For this Trophy the races will be held on TUESDAYS instead of wednesdays as usual.