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2009 Schedule released

LFSCART '09 will see its first green flag weaved in April at Kyoto National Reverse, one of three new Grand Prix to the LFSCART schedule, the British Grand Prix at South City Town and the Grand Prix of Blackwood are the other two. Also new to the 2009 season will be the track of Aston National Reverse. It entered the schedule substituting Aston North, where the Grand Prix of Aston took place this summer. As LFSCART stands for road course and oval racing, LFSCART will visit again the Kyoto Oval three times, including the 2009 Kyoto 500, which will be again the highlight of the year. Another highlight will be the Jamaica 200 at the beautiful but challenging venue of Fern Bay Black.

Championship Events
1.18/04/2009 - Grand Prix of Japan - Kyoto National Reverse (KY2r) - 5.138km/3.193mi (S:8 laps/F:31 laps)
2.02/05/2009 - Grand Prix of Westhill - Westhill International Reverse (WE1r) - 5.180km/3.219mi (S:8 laps/F:31 laps)
3.16/05/2009 - British LFSCART Grand Prix - South City Town Course (SO5) - 3.146km/1.955mi (S:13 laps/F:51 laps)
4.06/06/2009 - Kyoto SpeedWeeks 400 - Kyoto Oval (KY1) - 2.980km/1.852mi (F:220 laps)
5.SPECIAL FORMAT - 2009 Kyoto 500* - Kyoto Oval (KY1) - 2.980km/1.852mi
20/06/2009 - Kyoto 500 Qualifying - Pole Day (Qualifying Day 1)
21/06/2009 - Kyoto 500 Qualifying - Bump Day (Qualifying Day 2)
27/06/2009 - The 2009 Kyoto 500 (270 laps)
6.11/07/2009 - Grand Prix of Blackwood - Blackwood Grand Prix (BL1) - 3.307km/2.055mi (S:12 laps/F:49 laps)
7.25/07/2009 - Grand Prix in the streets of South City - South City Long Reversed (SO4r) - 4.029km/2.504mi (S:10 laps/F:40 laps)
8.08/08/2009 - Jamaica 200 - Fern Bay Black (FE4) - 6.559km/4.076mi - (F:50 laps)
9.22/08/2009 - Grand Prix of Aston - Aston National Reversed (AS3r) - 5.602km/3.481mi (S:7 laps/F:29 laps)
10.12/09/2009 - Clockwise 300 - Kyoto Oval Reversed (KY1r) - 2.980km/1.852mi (F:170 laps)
*Entry into the Kyoto 500 is subject to meeting the entry requirements which may differ from LFSCART entry requirements.
**The planned schedule of events is as follows. S and F indicate sprint and feature races.

Additional to the Championship Events LFSCART will have some non-championship Events before the season opener. They are open for everyone to join and to take a look on LFSCART.
Non-championship Events
28/02/2009 - LFSCART Trainings in Jamaica - Fern Bay Gold (FE3) - 3.514km/2.184mi (S:11 laps/F:46 laps)
14/03/2009 - LFSCART Trainings in Japan - Kyoto Grand Prix Long (KY3) - 7.377km/4.584mi (S:5 laps/F:22 laps)
27/03/2009 - LFSCART Trainings in the Oval (mandatory) - Kyoto Oval (KY1) 2.980km/1.852mi (S:??/F:??)

The first of these Non-Championship Events took place at the tricky South City Chicane circuit on October the 18th 2008. Although only 7 racers showed the racing there was great, and showed that it will be difficult to break the FRO dominance of 2008, but the new racers also showed that there is much potential. Especially the NDR Live for Speed Beginner's Cup racers proved their abilities. The results after counting the races together.

1.005 H. Salminen: 62
2.082 Simon Mathei: 38
3.099 Jack Ward: 38
4.033 Yann Laprevotte: 31
5.072 Calvin Gonçalves de Aquino: 31
6.093 Demitrius A.: 04
7.098 J.Taylor: 00

Planning for LFSCART Season 2009 is currently underway and sign-ups will open at a later date. You can share ideas and discuss them under