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Posted by Jonathon.provost
GT4 Sprint Cup
GT4 Sprint Cup

GT4 Sprint Cup 2024: Announcement

GT4 Sprint Cup 2024 - Announcement

Hello racers!

New Dimension Racing are pleased to announce our newest series the GT4 Sprint Cup! This series will use the N.400S GT4 mod by Aleksandr_124rus, for three race meetings in as many weeks for the inagrual season. Two races per meeting, 20 minutes + 1 lap in duration.

Our initial hope was to make this a fixed setup series, but we are going to hold off on that part and instead, go for the season in a traditional sense - bring your own setup. Qualifying will run in the semi-hardcore mode, drivers will be only allowed to spec/telepit from within the pit lane.

The schedule:
14th January: Westhill National (WE1)
21th January: Blackwood GP (BL1)
28th January: Rockingham ISSC (RO1)

Race meetings run from 15:00 UTC with Free Practice, qualifying at 15:30 UTC, and the last race should be done by 17:30 UTC.

The N.400S GT4 mod immediately caught our eyes, we are hoping the rest of you enjoy and appreciate the quality and raceability of this mod!

All races will be streamed live by our good friends at Sim Broadcasts

For more information about the GT4 Sprint Cup, vist the sub-forum here: