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V8 Racing League
V8 Racing League

9th season of VERL starts on sunday the 10th september!

Last season V8 Racing League introduced the "turbo era" and brought a new car for the drivers - the FoRGE VERL 2022 was a step upwards regarding power and challenging handling. However with reduced aerodynamical downforce,the car was pretty much on similar pace with the good old Formula V8,which was used in first 7 seasons. This year the car has been developed further - it received an updated suspension geometry,slightly increased aerodynamical downforce and got some minor fixes to ensure quality,but also lost a bit of it's power,which was cut by reducing boost of the turbocharger. This is the organizing body's attempt to make the car more user friendly,while it is still challenging to master.

League race format is quite simple and hasn't been changed - every round features 20 minutes free track qualifying and race,where lapcount is set to minimum to exceed 200 kilometers. As always no "hardcore simulation" will be enforced to keep things simple - everyone can telepit in qualifying (also in race,but that of course erases the driver's race progress),also Safety/Pace car will not be used. However the race day has been changed - VERL will return it's action to sunday evening (european time) to increase it's availability for the racers from west side of Atlantic. Season starts on 10th september with rounds set 2 weeks apart from each other,except round 3 is 3 weeks after round 2.

Schedule of this season features 2 fast tracks at both ends of the series,while 3 middle rounds will be run on slower courses. Season kicks off in Aston,where VERL will be using the longest configuration Grand Prix for the 1st time in league's history. Round 2 will be also "a first ever" - the brand new round "FoRGE 200" will be run on a custom layout set up in Layout Square,the 3.2km street circuits inspired track has 2 long straights and handfull of slow challenging turns. A real street course will be used in round 3 - the South City 200 will be run in Chicane Route configuration,which has been used 3 times in VERL history,however this year it will be run in default direction for the first time. The 2 last rounds will be run on returning courses - 4th round will be run on what has been become VERL classic. The bumpy and dusty Container Sprint configuration is set up in Blackwood's container storage field and as always will challenge drivers' mental and physical endurance. Season finale will be held in pretty much the most classic high power car circuit of LFS - the Westhill International configuration has always been a great place for high speed cars showdown racing.

Full information and signups in VERL forum section: