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GT4 Cup Challenge
GT4 Cup Challenge

Round 4 NEWS!

Round 4 was the HOTTEST as of now!

Drivers had a lot of problems with tires temperatures and had to manage that through the hole race.

Less drivers really means less crashes, so that was not a problem on the last round. On the other hand, most drivers was struggling with the tires.
As default, the N.400s GT4 already has a problem maintaing a stable temperature on the rubber, and this got worse on this track because of the huge loads put into them on the high G-Force corners. Even with the hardest compound, most of the setups still had temperatures above 140 °C, but incredibly some managed to overcome this, making the race more fun and enjoyable to watch!
It was the case of PedroBR, who qualified P6 for Race 1 but right at the start had a contact with 54 N. Biličić and dropped some positions. Thanks to his great setup and decent pace he managed to climb the grid and conquer the 5th position, very close to G. Moreira that crashed into Tulio's rear at the hairpin on the last corner!

Again 16 drivers qualified for the race, the pole position was taken by Murilo Henrique with car number 96, followed by Ricardin Domingues and Zesty! Race 1 results saw Azhar winning by almost 3 seconds, followed by number 98 with the fastest lap, and Mugrilo in 3rd. Why they swapped positions is the question that appears!

In Race 2 we saw again P. Vitor caught in an accident at the start, this time entering the hairpin, as Cardoso dives on the inside and crashes at the door of car 51. This made him drop almost to last, again with the need of climbing back the grid, finishing P6 right behind J. Gride.
But it was Vitor Arapis at his debut who takes the win! After finishing Race 1 in P7, he gets a podium start position as the grid reverts for the 2nd race. Rounding up the podium we have Zesty in P2, 1.74 seconds behind Bawtz, and P3 by 98 R. Domingues, again with the fastest lap! What a great result this round for him.

I. Azhar kept his lead on the championship, 35 points ahead of 93 D. Lukaštík after being the highest climber of Race 2. Brenno Almeida with 74 points after his worst results on the champ so far! He looks like another driver doesnt he?
Arapis P3 on the round results, with 17 points, already in P21 on the championship, ahead of many! Gui Moreira dropped to P8 after a 5 sec penalty at the end of the race for crashing M. Tulio.

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