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League Information

This event consists of the use of the grand N.400S GT4, a car based on the Nissan 400Z but prepared for racing, with a completely stripped interior, slick tires, aerodynamic appendages and lots of fun!
When it comes to tracks, we only choose the best layouts for drivers to race on. After tests and discussions between the organizers, we decided to do 6 rounds on tracks like YesRing, South City East from E-Challenge, Adelaide and Long Beach.

Race conditions

- Each round will have 2 races of 30mins. The grid for the 2nd race will be made by inverting top-10 finishers of Race 1.
- One-shot qualifying in all rounds (1 outlap, 1 hot lap, spectate). The calls will be made in-game by a Race Director.
- Each race will have mandatory pitstop. Pitlane speed limit is only enforced if the layout running at the moment has penalties given by the LFS system (aka using default tracks pitlane). Crossing pit entry and exit blend lines is allowed, but its strongly suggested that you dont do so, in order to avoid crashes and keep it safe.
- No safety-car in this event.
- BC (button clutch) is disabled and forbidden.
- Complaints will only be accepted in our Discord, with a small clip of what happened, and the time on the replay. Adding the lap and the driver involved on your post is welcomed aswell. Penalties can be given to the driver on the round that the accident happened or at the following one.

Scoring system

Only 75% of the drivers in a race will score points. The scoring % will be based on qualifying results. So if 10 drivers qualifies, 7 of them score points. If 20 drivers qualifies, 15 drivers will score points. How much points drivers will score depends on how much of them will score; The last scorer will always get 1 point, the driver ahead 2 points and goes on until half the grid. After that it goes 2 by 2 (10, 12, 14, 16...).

- EXAMPLE: If 20 drivers are going to score in the race, those are the points:
1st -- 30
2nd -- 28
3rd -- 26
4th -- 24
5th -- 22
6th -- 20
7th -- 18
8th -- 16
9th -- 14
10th - 12
11th - 10
12th - 9
13th - 8
14th - 7
15th - 6
16th - 5
17th - 4
18th - 3
19th - 2
20th - 1

Best lap: 1
Highest climber: 1
Pole position: 2

That way the championship leader will not get far ahead of the other drivers, and the overall winner decision will be tighter.

Current Season

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There is no active season at this time.

Latest News Update

, by PedroXDBR

As we reach the end of the league, not much action happened at the track!

First of all, lets congratulate our championship WINNER! It is I. Azhar aka Zesty, with car number 25 that completely dominated whole GT4 Challenge. He scored a total of 178 points, more than half the poins of MRc, carrying the team also to the championship win!

Behind him we have 93 D. Lukaštík, with 100 points, carrying alone Fragmaster to a P3 on the championship (PS: He hasnt been attending to the races for a while, but the ones he did, he got very good points).

Rounding op top 3 we have Brenno Almeida, our fellow Sixmoon! With 87 points, he was the most scorer for Roda Presa that managed a P2 in teams championship.

In P4 we have Henrique, who overtook league host PedroBR for the 4th place, after getting flipped by Lucas Rosa on the 1st race of this round, where both are ahead of Luwk.

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

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GT4 Cup Challenge SEASON 1 6 0 N/A No