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GT4 Cup Challenge
GT4 Cup Challenge

Round 3 NEWS!

SOLID racing at Round 3!

For the first time we had a weekend with almost no crashes! Sadly tho, we had way less drivers this round.

As said on previous news "Less drivers racing does not mean less crashes!". But does even less drivers mean it? Well, maybe, because this was a round with the least crashes and only one restart at Race 1.
Only 16 drivers qualified and 11 finished Race 1, with 12 on Race 2. No one got disqualified, but we had some interesting racing!
A newcomer appeared and took the fastest laps out of everyone on both races. It was Niko, from S1DUS disguised as J. Pétke with a time of 01:19.45 on 1st race, and 01:19.37 on 2nd!
Also, on Race 2 we had 2 highest climbers! They were P1 and P2 finishers of Race 1, and as grid reverses for Race 2, they dropped to P9 and P10.

25 I. Azhar kept his championship lead now with 106 points, 6 ahead of 93 D. Lukaštík, with 100. Azhar got pole for Race 1, won it and finished 2nd race in P2. Lukaštík was following right behind, finishing 1st race in 2nd, climbing from 4th, and on Race 2 he won it, 3 seconds ahead of Zesty.
MRc still leading the championship, with 198 points, ahead of RP with 143, 43 more than Fragmaster in 3rd. And its S1DUS on P4 now, ahead of B2R by 12 points thanks to Niko, who raced alone on this round.

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