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GT4 Cup Challenge
GT4 Cup Challenge

Round 2 NEWS!

OH NO! Carnage again at Round 2!

Race 1 was a total chaos, almost every driver died between turns 1 and 2 and no restart was given.

Less drivers racing does not mean less crashes! That was proven specially on the first race, where a lot of lag was involved on people flying to the shadow realm. Restart was not allowed since drivers choose not to do so on the last round. Also, there was a missunderstanding about the pitlane speed limit, and a lot of drivers went over it!
As 28 drivers qualifyied, only 16 finished the race, with 2 of them getting disqualified because of a drive-thru penalty. It was Gabor once again outqualifying everyone with a time of 01:20.91, ahead of Zesty and 96 M. Henrique. This time Antonio didnt attented for the round and Ohnifus had a terrible quali lap, so it was an easy win for Gabor on Race 1, almost 25 seconds ahead of 82 P. Petrauskas! His best-lap was only 3 hundreds of a second slower than his quali lap. Super fast! Rounding up the podium we have 21 I. Azhar (aka Zesty), 34.82 seconds behind Gabor Gyure. 20 N. Cardoso and 97 J. Portela did not scored on this round.
As the top-10 grid reverses for Race 2, the winner remains the same. He started P10, managed to quickly climb positions and gap car number 93 from D. Lukastik (who started 2nd for the 2nd race) by about 29 seconds, with a mind-blowing fastest lap of 01:20.82! 2 seconds faster than anyone else and even faster than pole lap by almost 1 tenth! A true masterpiece from Gabor this weekend. Rounding up top-3 we again had Zesty, with solid results over the whole weekend and ensuring a lead for MRc on the Teams Championship.

25 I. Azhar is the one who leads the championship, with 71 points, ahead of 93 D. Lucastik with 67, 06 B. Almeida with 51, 91 G. Gyure with 46, and 19 L. Rosa rounding up top-5 with 44 points.
And its Master Race car leading teams championship with 150 points, 55 ahead of Roda Presa with 95. P3 is Fragmasters with 67 points being carried alone by Ohnifus, B2R with 48 and S1DUS also being carried alone by Gabor.

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