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GT4 Cup Challenge
GT4 Cup Challenge

Round 1 NEWS!

After a reckless Round 1, where almost everyone was caught in a crash, we got some decent results to share!

Lots of signups, lots of carnage, flipping cars, close racing and a full-of-drama Sunday on the openning of GT4 Cup Challenge.

Over 40 drivers has signed up for the league, and 33 has qualified. Sadly, after a very though race, only 18 solid drivers has finished on R1, and 15 on R2.
Gabor, on his old-Jereloco momento joined late and did not finished Race 1. On race 2 some drivers tried to murder him, sending him into a flip and making him finish last. BUT OH NO! He's got DSQ because he didnt pitted!
On Race 1, two drivers had to start from pits because there was not enought starting boxes for all of them. It was PedroBR and Igor from RP that spawn off the track and had to wait to start from the pits. one of them managed to finish the race, and it was [MRc] PedroBR who took the 14th place at the end of the race, scoring only 5 points.

D. Antonio, inside the car number 07 is the one who took the pole position, rounding up a time of 1:20.44, ahead of 93 D. Lukastik and 06 B. Almeida. On Race 1 Antonio kept his lead and won the opening race, scoring 26 points +1 of the fastest lap. A true grand slam from him who practiced the most! Behind him, we had Lukastik also keeping his start position and 19 L. Rosa, who started P10. What a great race for him!
Now on Race 2, as the grids reverses, 06 B. Almeida starts upfront and no one else than him to also win this one. Rounding the TOP 3 we had 25 I. Azhar with decent results as the grid was reversed and 93 D. Lukastik with his superb driving and solid results that guaranteed him a lead on the championship, scoring 17 points +1 of the fastest lap. Our fellow Luwk Rosa finished P4 with also great results.

In total, 93 D. Lukastik got 42 points, 19 L. Rosa got 37 aswell as 25 I. Azhar in P3. 06 B. Almeida 4th with 33 points and to round the TOP 5 is 07 D. Antonio with 29 points.

Make sure to join our discord so you can race or get a closer look on all infos on this league!

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