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Fragmaster's GTi Thursday
Fragmaster's GTi Thursday

Fragmaster's GTi Thursday 250 Announcement

Next Thursday Fragmaster's GTi Thursday will celebrate its 250th event. Because of that on August 4th, there will be something special and challenging.
This event will be live-streamed.

There will be two back to back races on the same track which is Fern Bay Gold (FE3). First race will be with XFG, second one with XRG.

1. Qualifications for first race start as usual at 18.30 UTC. (one hotlap mode)
2. Race 14 laps.
3. Car switch.
4. 15 minute open track qualifications to set the grid for race #2.
5. Race 14 laps.

Reward: Driver who scores highest sum of points in both races will be named GTi Master on discord. JOIN IT HERE. It's required for racing.

See you on Thursday.

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