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Short Track Auto Racing League
Short Track Auto Racing League

Race Green Events presents new league using XRT at short tracks

In the year 2019 Race Green Events launches it's 3rd annual series type league besides AWS and VERL. The new league as it's name already says will be focused on rather shorter configurations of race tracks where longest laps will barely exceed 2 kilometers. The car is not 100% locked in this league - it is planned to use a powerful car with classic sports car drivetrain layout (front engine/rear wheel drive) deemed to be best suited from possible options for such racing - currently it is XR GT Turbo (XRT).

After success of the 600 meter dirt oval in AWS,this track was set to make comeback in other RGE league - one using XRT. After a lot of consideration,it was decided that the race "Dusty 300" will be a part of STARL,but will not be an official championship round due to it's difference from other planned rounds. But it will be a league's prologue round and hopefully a new annual traditional race.

Official championship will include standart configurations of Aston Cadet,Fern Bay Club and South City Sprint 1 (using layout to allow more than 16 drivers on grid and to feature proper pitlane),while in the mix will also be a custom configuration of Kyoto known as RGE Sprint 8-track and Rockingham's Handling configuration in reversed direction.

The new league will be in same time as it's winter and autumn counterparts - sunday evenings 19:30 CET / 17:30 UTC. Except prologue all races will be set with nominal distance of 150 kilometers,which can be completed in these tracks between 70-80 minutes. Prologue race will be set to 300 laps (180km) and is expected to be completed within 2 hours,where fuel pitstop might be needed,while championship races should be pitstop free. Racing on short tracks with lapcount this big will bring to series a specific challenge of requiring physical and mental stamina besides car handling skills.

Just like in RGE other leagues,also here small money prizes will be awarded to the best in series - championship standings top5 will receive them and also the winner of prologue race Dusty 300.

Full information and signups in STARL2019 info thread in