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Posted by lucaf
9397 Racing
9397 Racing

Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019; Round 3 results & Round 4 preview

Round 3 with LX4 turned out into an epic thriller. Series leader Nova got serious challengers and showed great sportsmanship while finally won the race. The so far most popular round had 20 cars in the start and 13 of them survived the contest.

See full results including a short video, in the Round 3 results page.

After three rounds, the top10 in standings are:

1 microspecv
2 lucaf
3 teppari
4 jackson93
5 jkat
6 rejekt
7 Eclipsed
8 redbot_
9 nikolai_01
10 TSOracing/nikopdr

At the end of the series, one 9£ LFS Voucher will be draw among the top 10 in the points standings!

4th and last round is nNext Saturday 2.3. at UTC 16:00. Unlike so far, it will be an S2 event driven with the awesome FZ50. The layout will be the fastest of the series with three very long straights. Very intense race can be expected!

Check the round specific information at Round 4 information page where you will see also an introduction to the track.

If you are new to this series, begin at reading the General Information page of the series.

Join the community, hear the latest rumours, and express yourself at the LAFB2019 Series - 9397 Racing discussion thread in forum's League section.