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Posted by UnknownMaster21
MTDZX- Flat Out! Series!
MTDZX- Flat Out! Series!

Season 1 Completed! Will.I.Am is the champion!

51 Rounds are finally completed! First round were held at January, where six racers did participate. In there, Willi ( LFSW: Will.I.Am ) THE Champion took first round victory. He continued to win Round 2 and showed what he is made of. Ultimately he claimed astounding amount of round victories: 19 and led most laps in total in 51 Rounds. 8 points is the final gap between Willi, and his contender, UM21.

Congratulations Mr. Flat Out! We'll see you in Season 2, in next year! Willi gains TWO S3-vouchers, as he won 2nd S3 by allotment, which was unfortunately not "putted" to be as public.

On team standings: Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme takes the championships on team section. It was rather easy task by having so many members going to actually receive points, and 100 bonus points sets it to be as Number 1.

Here is standings!

More info about Season 2 will come in some point at next year. Stay tuned! Also, more detailed info is shown here: