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Fragmaster's FOX Endurance Series

Fragmaster team will be starting an endurance race series with a Formula XR car in Live for Speed. Races will be between 3 and 6 hours long.


Round 1 : 26th September 2020 15:00 CET - 100 laps of KY3
Round 2 : 17th October 2020 15:00 CET - 120 laps of SO4R
Round 3 : 7th November 2020 15:00 CET - 140 laps of AS4
Round 4 : 21st November 2020 15:00 CET - 130 laps of WE2 layout without sc3 chicane
Round 5 : 5th December 2020 15:00 CET - 200 laps of FE3
Round 6 : 19th December 2020 15:00 CET - 120 laps of BL2
Round 7 : 26th December 2020 15:00 CET - 150 laps of KY1


Sign up here: . In case you are unable to signup, we will accept sign up from Fragmaster Discord. You sign up for whole series, but you dont have to drive all races.
For every Round, there will be a prequalification. Entries for a round will be selected by compiling a table of fastest laps per driver on FM FOX Endurance server, with help of Airio and its !top list. Only lap times of signed up players will count. A table with entries will be published periodically. A prequalification period will end 2 days before Round start, on Thursday at 20:00 CET. On Friday a list of entrants will be published with server password protected and password sent to all participants.
We allow team and solo drivers.


Qualifications start at 15:00 CET - 20 minutes open qualy for every round except last one. On KY1 there will be 1 outlap, 2 hotlaps qualification, cars going out 1 by 1, with no tyre heating allowed. Any attempt at tyre heatup in pitlane will result in back of the grid penalty.
After Qualify is over, we will have 10 minute break with timer set up for start of race. All racers should stay in pitlane as a verbal and text recap of rules will be done. Once the timer runs out, race will start, so make sure you are on the track and no spectated.
Race will start at 15:30 CET, except for final round where it depends on length of qualy.


1. DRIVER NAMING - naming convention will be like this : NUMBER_OF_CAR followed by optional TEAM_NAME followed by DRIVER_NAME. Example: 22 [FFM] Number. All car numbers have to be in bright colour. All drivers in same signed up team have to wear same car number.
2. In every race, you will need to use two different tyre compounds. You will need to use both compounds before leader starts last 5 laps of the race. In case you fail to do so, you will be DISQUALIFIED from the race results. All drivers will be notified about that repeatedly during the race. There is no limit on how many laps you have to run on any compound. All three compounds for FOX are avaible to pick, R1, R2 and R3. We will have to check this tyre usage manually during the race, so we expect drivers to adhere to this rule. It is enough if you use differrent compounds only on one side of the car, front or rear!
3. Only one driver per team can qualify. The driver that qualifies, has to start the race.
4. Races and qualify will start on time, so be there. We will not wait. On race start, be carefull, because we will not restart. Remember : COLD CAR HEAVY TYRES :)
5. Bump drafting is not allowed. If we see you, you get a DT penalty.
6. In case of flipping the car, or getting stuck in sand, type RESET in chat, admins will allow car reset for you and award you with stop n go penalty (beware, that means you have to stand still in pits for 10 seconds). You are allowed to spam RESET.
7. In case you lag out, rejoin, contact admins. You will get your lap count back, going by last finished lap.


Discord channel link is:
You need to use Discord during the qualification and verbal rules recap.
You do not have to use Discord during the race.
LFS chat during race is allowed - just dont spam too much.


We will publish points standings after every race for each driver and each car (differentiated by car number). In case of a multi driver team, all car drivers get same points as car deserves in standings.
Points awarded are :
1st place - 50 points
2nd place - 40 points
3rd place - 35 points
4th place - 30 points
5th place - 25 points
6th place - 20 points
7th place - 17 points
8th place - 14 points
9th place - 11 points
10th place- 9 points
11th place- 7 points
12th place- 5 points
13th place- 3 points
14th place- 2 points
15th place- 1 point
Bonus points are awarded for Highest climber (5 points), Pole position (5 points) and Fastest lap (10 points).
We will also track the highest climber statistic, based on number of places gained by a car from his starting point into the race to his finish point. This excludes qualify, so it is possible to take points for pole position and highest climber. The driver with highest number of accumulated highest climber stat will get a series end reward.


1. For a winning car - a 6 months LFS server rent with airio pro. Server will be owned by Fragmaster team, but a winning car and its main driver (the driver holding the series sign up for the team) will receive full acess to server configuration and will be able to run it how they want it.
2. For a winning driver - 20 euro Steam Gift card send to winners Steam account.
3. For a driver with highest climber stat during season - Organization of a special event to this drivers wishes. You will be asked to specify Car, Track, length of the race and qualification style. Length and Date of this race will be organized in cooperation with Fragmaster team. A livestream with commentary will be provided for this race. A server and administration team will also be provided.


All race protests will have to be posted in Discord, fox crashes channel.

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