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MTDZX- Flat Out! is top speed themed, with own unique insim setuped racing server, with custom layouts and simple database. It is multiclass server as well, but cars are balanced by between top speed and overall speed as closely as possible. This server and events in overall does contain several hard layouts. This does not mean though you can not join and have an actual racing here.
Beginner or not. However, advanced LFS racers do have advantage here, due the knowledge, skill and overall experience. Even if this server differs from normal racing servers, generic racing motorsport code is still active. So please respect the races and racers in all ways. We do keep good atmosphere here! Race serious, but remember to have fun! More info on Website Url.

Current Season

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round
Season 1 35 1

Latest News Update

, by UnknownMaster21

After 30 rounds is held on MTDZX- Flat Out! Series!, we have seen three new winners and two new racers to gain a position in points standings. However, despite their success, it is no match against Willi's great podium rate! From rounds 21 to 30, he have visited seven times in podium, which three of them are wins and one being even a grand slam. However, rest of the races he had retired from the races, so all he have scored is the podiums. Still, keeping the lead on standings and having 14 wins from 30 rounds, it is not bad at all. In fact, if not dominating, absolutely having good pace to receive a prize at the end of Season 1 of MTDZX- Flat Out! Series!

UM21 ( LFSW: UnknownMaster21 ) is not far away from Willi ( LFSW: Will.I.Am ) and might still have a good opportunity to challenge Willi's lead, when only 20 or 22 rounds are remaining, depending of bonus rounds will happen or not. He also managed to win two races from rounds 21-30, so definitely, if slightly losing, then still in leader's pace.

On 3rd, T. Soini ( LFSW: teppari ) is pretty much on own pace. There is no one threatening his 3rd position in point standings in terms of being close. He also have got the taste what it feels like to win the race in MTDZX- Flat Out! as he took the top on Round 22.

On 4th and 5th place, battle begins! Sobis ( LFSW: Sobis ) and Arska ( LFSW: Arsk4 ) are on tie in points standings, both having 114 points scored. Same thing might happen on 6th and 7th positions, where Jay ( LFSW: jh89 ) is slowly trying to gain 6th position from Rony ( LFSW: Eclipsed ). This plan backfired a little in round 30, as Jay had to DNF, while Rony managed to finish the race, scoring three points against Jay's zero.

Here is the standings from top10

Will.I.Am - Willi - FSR - 289
UnknownMaster21 - MTDZX-UM21 - MTDZX- - 261
teppari - [WCL] - T.Soini - SRT - 208
Sobis - LLM.Sobis - LLM - 114
Arsk4 - MTDZX-Arska - MTDZX- - 114
Eclipsed - RG^Rony - RG^ - 51
jh89 - Jay • FIN - - 45
Speed Senna - Speed Senna - - 34
VepiX - MTDZX-VepiX - MTDZX- - 20
akubosaan - [GRT]AkuLambat/1 - - 16

What will be the outcome after next ten rounds are done? Stay tuned when MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Will hold Round 31 in 20.07.2017!

Past, Present and Upcoming Seasons

Season Scheduled Rounds Remaining Rounds First Round Next Round Active
Season 1 35 1 Yes