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Hi guys.

I found this thread,, and I have a similar question. Nobody uses the default setups, why on earth does it appear every time you change cars?


Don´t know if anybody is interested, but it´s actually possible to use LFS script function to achieve this. You can make a keyboard shortcut to a favorite car/setup. Maybe if someone likes to drive cars with one favorite setup then it´s practical to just choose by a keyboard shortcut.
Default setup are a good idea..they are just not good (maybe due to current physics) currently. I have created in the past some default setups that gives the feeling of driving the real counterpart of the cars and use them each time I am running lfs nowadays (I do not try to go fast, just to enjoy the physics). I hope to have this same feeling with the default setups in the future (New tire physics ftw). But I understand the point : a base option to select a default setup for each car could indeed be pleasant.

Well, what I ment here is if you have a good setup that you have learned to drive well and that you like to drive and it suits the tracks you like, you could name it for instance "XRR_Setup" and each time you choose the XRR from the keyboard, that car would have that setup. So, no need to use the mouse what so ever in that case.


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