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CESAV League 2022 Video - This is Why We Race
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CESAV League 2022 Video - This is Why We Race
Hi there!

Yet another CESAV music video? Yes it is!

Know that awkward feeling when someone asks you why do you still play LFS and you can't explain it because it is so obvious that no words are needed?

Well this is why. This is why we race. Go show them, and if you also feel the call after watching it come and join us at, we race every Monday at 22.15 CET (21.15 GMT) and we're expecting you!

CESAV Registration process 101

Quote from Gutholz :
0) Open this link to set website to English, you can also change the language by clicking on the flag on the right side of the website
1) Create a new user with email and stuff at sign up
2) Activate you account if needed
3) Log in at site (menu at right side)
4) Go to registrations for the next race
5) Click register
6) It says something about "blabla license", click the link and fill in the details in the profile-page that opens..
7) Click register, now it will work
8) Now you should be pre-registered Omg omg omg You can check it in registrations page, you name will appear in the botton of the list, in the Pre-Registered list.
9) To complete registration, you must set a laptime by qualifying in any CESAV #Q server, this is to divide people into several divisions according to time.
Server password: gemelas
9b) If you connect to server #Q server, but the insim does not let you join track, most likely you didn't complete the pre-registration. Repeat steps 4 and 5 again.
10) Once you set a time, in registrations page you should see youself with a time in a division.

CESAV League 2022 Video - This is Why We Race
(1 post, started )