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Kind of Maze.
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Kind of Maze.
I remember seeing a post somewhere about a making a Maze on BL3, so i have.

Not the best im sure, but it does its job alright i rekon. I think it'll be great for a Cops & Robbers but how it would be set out and started, rules etc i dont know. Also it might be good for a "Find XXX" like a finish line or a tire etc. Its got some narrow gaps, some big, some with big empty spaces and a few dead ends so its good for some cars. If a CnR event was held on it i suppose Robbers could be the UF1 or the MRT (but remember dead ends and to my knowledge the MRT has no reverse gear!) or hide and seek! lol. MRT hide, UF1 seek.

I dno, use as you wish. You may modify it as you please but if you post it on here, just state i did the basics / credit me.

Cheers, and have fun. David.
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lol thats crazy. Might be good for a game of tag :P
Cheers for the replys guys.

100 views, 9 downloads on two replys? Something dont add up. *crys*
Wow nice. Wouldn't it be better if you made a start at the other end though.
Quote from nutty boy :Wow nice. Wouldn't it be better if you made a start at the other end though.

In the pits?
OK so where's the finish.

Kind of Maze.
(7 posts, started )