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One Motorbike in the free trial
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One Motorbike in the free trial
I am really supprised how good the motorbikes feel. I guess it would be clever to have one, maybe 125cc, in the free trial. I guess many people would consider buying the game just for the motorbikes. And it would be fun to have some motorbike races in blackwood then-)
I am waiting some Motorbike races

Already found some bikes to compete against XFG / XRG for example
Take out one Car and put a motorbike in. Lets say we take one of the small cars out of demo, put in a bike with similar times for blackwood. Maybe even give the bike a little advance for the first month. The motorbikes are pretty good in the game, we might get a lot of players into the game who are interested in a motorbike simulation. A Genre which is pretty dead. Another thing, is a better show-off on the main page. Motorbikes are still kind of a secret.
I think there's enough content in the demo as-is.
You don´t get my point. Motorbikes will create a lot of new players. I don´t say to put more content in. I say to switch a car for a bike. A bike with good textures, which could drive the same times like a XR or XF. One of those cars should be taken out then. There is a lot of competiton on new games like assetto etc against lfs. BUT: none of these games has bikes!
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I would say don't remove xrg and xfg. It's great to experience fwd and rwd battles. don't remove BMW, it's great to experience down force and slicks. if anything add the bike(mosquito?) , don't remove the possibility of these combos.
It's really a great idea, this could invite a lot more players. The demo community has kinda died in the years. But if we have to follow logic, this motorcycle has to be created by LFS developers and I'm not sure, if they are planning to make new vehicles soon.

One Motorbike in the free trial
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