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MRc E-Challenge 2022: Announcement
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MRc E-Challenge 2022: Announcement

Hello racers!

The Master Race car team is pleased to bring back to you an event, which brings an unique racing experience into LFS. Strongly inspired by the FIA Formula E championship, E-Challenge is an event, where the strategy and clever use of available resources will play a big factor on your way to victory.

The letter E in "Formula E" stands for "Electric" and thanks to the just recently released LFS mod system we can enjoy some electric racing fun as well. "Efficiency" however is still a vital part of the race strategy, as the amount of usable energy is limited and the finish line is quite far. Do you have what it takes to navigate this beast through the city streets?

16.1.2022 - South-East City (SO2X)
6.2.2022 - South-West City (SO5X)
20.2.2022 - New York ePrix circuit replica (LA1)

(All layouts to be released in following days)

Prequalifying session (if necessary)
15:30 UTC / 16:30 CET Official free practice session (20 minutes)
16:00 UTC / 17:00 CET Official qualifying session (1 hotlap)
16:40 UTC / 17:40 CET Official Super-pole shoot-out session (top 6 from qualifying compete for the top 6 grid spots in another separate session (1 hotlap))
17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET Official race start (45 minutes + 1 lap*; standing start)

* in case of Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car the time will be added to the total race time. The upper limit is 60 minutes + 1 lap.

General rules and changes from previous season:
SC and VSC active
No mandatory pitstop
Recharging NOT ALLOWED (and will be disabled, so we don't even have to disqualify you from the event)

Full set of rules will follow soon, stay tuned!

MRc E-Challenge 2022: Announcement
(1 post, started )