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LA1 & LA2 Layout Squares
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LA1 & LA2 Layout Squares
Trying to make a layout on the new Layout Square, but when I try place an item on the edge of the large blocks on either site of the small pavement sett stones, that the item disappears.

Red lines in image are where you can't place items, or move them to.

Tried placing item in one direction. Doesn't work. Turn item 90deg, and if the object edit point lands on the joint, then that won't work either.

Affects both LA1 and LA2, normal and X configurations.
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LFS Layout Square kerbs.png
Seems there's also a bug on the crown of the road, where the white lines are placed ...

Quote from Degats :Bug:
You can't place chalk objects (maybe others too) on the ground on the crown of the roads at X=0 or Y=0.
If you place one nearby and bump the X or Y position in a way that should take it to zero, LFS gives an error "Can't move : invalid position

LA1 & LA2 Layout Squares
(2 posts, started )