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About VM:

Server: lfs://join=VM.Timeattack


Velocity Motorsports is a casual all-around simracing team founded 2/2/2019 by Dlocky (finland69) and Dan190NL (Bass-Driver).

The Team at first was supposed to be for a few friends who wanted to drive and enjoy the game together,
but during the last year it has been growing more than any of us expected. It have led us into starting
new different servers, frequently updating our LFSLapper scripts and in general, being more active in LFS.

Instead of being the most competitive team out there, our main goal is to deliver friendly and easily accessible servers for everyone to enjoy. We are not expecting our members to be the fastest/best drivers out there, but having friendly and mature attitude in any situations.

We are active in several disciplines like Race/Drift/Cruise and you may see VM tags in any kind of
Live For Speed Servers.

All of our servers are powered by LFSLapper.

Server Info:
  • Set the fastest time with every car, if possible.
  • Layouts may contains 1 to 6 differend stages. From 100% tarmac to 100% gravel.
  • Track/layout combo may change 1 or 2 times a week.
  • Type !help to additional information about the server.
  • Type !times to see the timetable.
  • Type !report to report a player or a bug.
  • Players using Cheats/Hacks will be banned from all of our servers

    We are frequently updating the insim to smash bugs or adding new features
Insim Features:
  • LFSLapper Insim library
  • HUD with info about your time/stage
  • Startline System incl False start protection
  • Custom Timings
  • Object Penalty's
  • Yellow Flag system for each stage (slow/stopped drivers)
  • Splittimes
  • Theoretical Personal Best
  • Time Difference between currenttime (incl penalty's) and Personal Best
  • TimeTable with detailed time information
  • Help Menu with server & user info
  • License Points system
  • Achievement system.
  • Objectives system.
  • Discord messages.
Insim pictures:

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Hud Explanation.jpg
TimeAttack Insim update:


New: Auto Track/Layout & TimeTable Changer system. (admincommand)
New: Virtual Startlights for admins, Startlight status check

Changed: New false start detection to prevent big headstarts.

Fix: Rare startlight hangs (Attempt #1)
Fix: small timetable fixes
Fix: No WR set after driving the very first Stage/Car combo.

Delete: Multiplayer code.

Insim Progress:
Looks very promising, good luck!
Thanks kristofferandersen Smile

Our totalstats of today.

We reached 866 unique visitors.
Here are some stats.

On 21th of june we had 812 unique visitors.
With this rate we might reach our goal of 1000 visitors this year.
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New TA insim update:


-Add: [TimeTable]: WR list button. Displays list with the current WR times
-Add: [HUD] : Report button.
-Update: [Live Timing] Updated buttons with sector/total timedifference
-Update: [HUD] : StageProgress percentage next to the sector counter
-Fix: [Sectors] :Prevent skipping sectors, will now count as a invalid run.
-Fix: [HUD]: Cursor shows when splitspeed is being displayed to the player.
-Delete: Some startsequence code.

Server: lfs://join=VM.Timeattack

Insim Progress:
New TimeAttack Insim Update + new Layout:

New TimeAttack insim update:

V2.5 (25-07-2021)
**New: New Layout **
-Powered by the new LFSLapper Insim Teleport System
-Build by Bass-Driver(Dan190NL) and Dlocky
-6 stages
-Easy/Medium Difficulty
-Short or Medium TimeLength

**New: Teleport System V1.**
-It teleports you to the correct stage or back to the Central Area.
-Timer set to 3 seconds before it teleports you.
-Warning message to leave the spawn location ASAP
-AutoX Light to indicate the status of the spawn location.

**New: Message what todo when you join the track**

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Few minor insim & website updates:

Server: lfs://join=VM.Timeattack

V2.5.1 (26-07-2021)

New : [TimeTable] ToggleButton to Memorize Car/Username filter.
Update: [Commands] !showstats display your stats to everyone in the server
!stats<user> display stats of a player in the server

V2.5.2 (27-07-2021)

Update: [HelpMenu] Added list of Ranks
Update: [Commands] !stats or !stats <user> can be used now.
!stats = Globalmessage of your stats
!stats <user in server> = private message of userstats

Fix: Button overlap in !times when clicking on clicking between the stages
Removed: [Commands] !showstats

We are pleased to inform you, that we reached the 1000 unique visitors milestone on our server.

Thanks to all who joined and drove on our server.

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#9 - Gunn
Congratulations on your visitor milestone.
We currently reached a unique visitor count of 1100+.
We thank you all for that.


Someone is having a laugh on the server. The WR lists from all the 6 stages are filled with the same name. That guy is damn quick.

Can someone beat his times??

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New version online.

-Add: Modsupport
-Add: CarDamage (TestFase) , get damage while colliding with AutoX objects or Other cars
-Add: [Admincommands]: !amod/!dmod (Add/Delete mod to/from whitelist)
-Add: [PlayerCommand]: !fix (Fix cardamage)

-Update: [LFSLapper] Updated library to Test #5
-Update: [TimeTable] changed design to support mods (SkinID)
-Update: [Top HUD] Small design changes.

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