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Season 15 - combo submissions
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Season 15 - combo submissions
Here are the first six choices of preference for next season's car/track combo's:

I will update this table as the next combo's come in.
I´m in

Rob, when are you planning to begin this season?
#3 - pmw
How will the one be chosen?
Quote from pmw :How will the one be chosen?

The 10 drivers who participated the most races in the previous season received a PM to submit 3 combo choices. Up until now I received a message from 6 out of 10 drivers.
#5 - pmw
Any schedules yet for the summer?
Here are the 10 car/track combinations for the upcoming season:

9 Drivers filed their prefered combo's. 3 Out of 9 had the UFR car as first choice. We decided to replace 1 of those with the 2nd choice of that particular driver.

The above order is set, the dates still have to be finalized.

The details for the side series will also be finalized soon.
#7 - pmw
Any news of the schedule?
Quote from pmw :Any news of the schedule?

Yes, the new schedules have just been posted here.

Season 15 - combo submissions
(8 posts, started )